Role Supporting/Playable
Age 80 (2052) (appears to be 37 when he went into 30-year stasis pod)
First Appearance Castlevania: Ritual Of The Moon

Castlevania: Bloodstained Glass Of Eternity Castlevania: Sacred Genealogy

Weapon(s) of Choice Shénshèng zhī chuí 神圣之锤/Kanazuchi No Kami かなづちのかみ
Special Abilities Superhuman strength/hammer abilities/lycantrophy
Theme Music Celestial Nights (Prequel Stage theme)

Celestial Wrath (Boss Theme)

Zhaoxuan (lit. Choogen) is a supporting character and also a boss in Castlevania: Ritual Of The Moon. He woke up from stasis pod.


Zhaoxuan has a powerful body type like Reinhardt's from Overwatch.

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