Yuri Belmont
Role Hero
Age 16 (1912)

101 (2012)

First Appearance Castlevania: Rondo of Shadows Prequel

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Weapon(s) of Choice Vampire Killer
Special Abilities Light Magic
Theme Music Enduring Bloodlines (Prequel Stage theme)

Cross your Heart (Boss Theme)

Yuri Belmont is a character from the side-series Castlevania: Rondo of Shadows, and is the twin's great-grandfather, he is the main Character of the Rondo of Shadows Prequel.


Before his battle with Dracula, Yuri had a playful persona. he used to play pranks on others in the Belmont Clan and his friends while he traveled with them, but after his battle with Dracula his demanded grew darker and shut himself away from others and learned to control his powers.


in 1912 Yuri has snow white hair and wears a long black cloak over his clothes, after his battle with Dracula he continues to wear his long cloak. he stands at 5' 9 and weights 136 Pounds.thumb|link=File:Finn-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-30870284-766-1044_(1).jpg


When Yuri was in 1912 he was able to use some of Dappen's moves like Grand Cross and Hydro Storm, while he comes with his own attacks, he can use the Vampire Killer and ricochet Throwing knives and bullets, after the battle with Dracula he gave the Vampire Killer o the Morris Family and he gained Dracula's Curse that was put on him, this curse caused him to transform into a Werewolf, he passed this on to members of the Belmont Clan that were from his Bloodline.

Plot (Rondo of Shadows Prequel)Edit


Yuri's Battle Pattern is that he will attack with a chain similar to a whip and will hit Jessie and the others with this weapon, after Jessie hits him a few times he will transform into his Werewolf form and will attack with his claws.

After the party defeats him he will give the party his power and will leave, probable to die or to travel the world.



  • Yuri killed Dracula on April 15,1912.
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