Xeroth was Jason's apprentice. During Jason's life, Jason found Xeroth when he was 14, and befriended him. Xeroth showed impressive skills of defense and attacks, and showed Jason he was willing to fight evil, so Jason apprenticed him. During Jason's fight with many creatures, Xeroth finished many of them off. One day, when Jason was fighting against a certain being that possessed Xeroth, Xeroth stabbed it. Jason stated that he must imprison the foe, but Xeroth killed the being, and leaped off. Xeroth suddenly killed someone innocent, and terrorized the city. Jason engaged in battle, and asked for the reason. Xeroth replied that Jason had put him through so much stress, and attacked him. Jason fought back, but was stabbed multiple times with the creatures sharp claws. Xeroth started screaming, why he could not be an elite part of the team, shouting, "Why? Why? WHY!?!?!" Jason then replied "Because you're not part of the team." Jason knocked Xeroth off a cliff and killed him. Jason and experts studied the corpse and found no signs of remaining darkness, just a corrupted heart and pure evil. Jason later found that Xeroth was an assassin sent out by Omega.

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