"You have nothing, you ARE nothing. NOTHING!"
—Abraham Van Helsing to Dracula during his staking.
Dracula Pachislot2

Dracula from Castlevania Pachislot III.

Vlad Cronqvist III 
(1431 - ) was Leon Belmont's good friend. In the world of knights who lack education, he was a genius tactician, and Alchemist. Because Vlad's family had books recording secret arts transmitted orally concerning alchemy, a science that experiments with the arcane, Vlad himself had a detailed knowledge of alchemy. His beloved wife, Elisabetha, commited suicide while he was on an expedition, in fear he had died. Mathias was grief stricken. He was eventually captured and executed by the Ottoman empire, but before he died, he licked the blood off the battlefield and became a vampire, reviving himself 3 days later, but in secrecy.

Vlad had deceived Leon. In deep mourning, Vlad devised a plan to take revenge on God for stealing Elisabetha by becoming a vampire and living eternally. He used Leon, RinaldoSara, and even Walter and his monsters, and using the Crimson Stone and Walter's soul, he was reborn. He then offered Leon to join him and become immortal, because Leon suffered the same loss. Leon refused and vowed instead that his clan would forever hunt him. As time went on, Vlad made the nickname he was given at birth, "Dracula," or Son of the Dragon/Devil, his true name.


Dracula has been depicted many different ways over the course of the series. His appearance changes in nearly every game he is in. In the earliest titles, Dracula has a rather ethereal appearance, presenting himself as a very decayed and aged man with a long red cloak in the original Castlevania on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This look was taken even further in Vampire Killer, where he has no flesh on his body and his bones are exposed. In Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, he greatly resembles Death. He is shrouded in a black mantle and his face is that of a skull.

(4) Lord Dracula
His in-game depictions are very different from his appearance in the official art for those games, which display him as a more atrocious version of the Béla Lugosi vampire stereotype with a widow's peak hairstyle. He reflects this image in such games as Haunted Castle and Akumajo Dracula X68000, in which he wears a tuxedo with a cape.

Sometimes Dracula sports a dark sorcerer like appearance with long flowing robes as seen in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, and Castlevania: The Adventure. In Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Dracula appears as a young man with purple hair. Aside from displaying certain Japanese anime clichés, he still wears attire like he did in earlier games, like a tuxedo and a long dark cloak.

When Ayami Kojima became the regular illustrator of the series, Dracula took on an especially regal air with lavish clothing, as seen in Symphony of the Night, Harmony of Dissonance, and Curse of Darkness. Dracula's appearances have been very inconsistent over the years. Sometimes he is an old man, other times he is young; sometimes he's ghostly, other times he appears fairly regular, but he always retains vampiric archetypal traits.

Between the time when he joined Hellsing in 1893, to when he was destroyed and his castle sealed away, cutting off connection from him and the Crimson Stone thus "truly" killing him in 1999, his main choice of wardrobe was a charcoal suit, a red cravat, leather riding boots, a long red duster, a red fedora with a wide, floppy brim, and a pair of circular wire-framed sunglasses. Thanks to Integra Hellsing supplying him with medical blood, he had constant access to blood, so he always looked young.

On August 11th, 1978, when he was accidentally revived by Integra Hellsing when she was shot in the shoulder, scattering her blood on his corpse and on the floor of his cell, he wore an all black jump suit with black boots, his hair was white, and moments before the blood made contact with his skin, he was rotting and vulgar, because he hadn't had any blood for almost 50 years. Whenever he would release his next to last level of restricted power, Level 1, he would often suddenly have on the black jump suit from that incident.


Dracula has shown a certain level of inconsistency regarding his personality, although common elements have been an outstanding malice regarding the human race and God, and a well defined superiority complex (he thinks every creature is inferior to him) when confronting his enemies. When facing his son, Alucard, Dracula shows a softer side, and a clear love for his son, and also expresses his eternal love for Alucard's mother as well.

After 1893, his hate for the humans changed more to envy and jealousy for their mortal life. He also had stated that humans were fascinating creatures, and regrets ever becoming a vampire, saying he was weak for not being able to bear the weight of a human life, resorting to immortality. He still showed hate for God.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bloodsucking - The ability to suck a person's blood, and if he chooses, their soul, knowledge, and memories. He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin. 
  • Immortality - Being a vampire and the Lord of Darkness allows him to live forever, but this does not mean he cannot be killed. Even when he is killed, most often he is ressurected, or he ressurects himself after a period of around 1 century.
  • Very skilled in Pyromancy, and can cast Hellfire, which is usually a fireball, and it can be split into two or three fireballs. With his Pyromancy skills, he can also cause fire pillars to raise from the ground, and he can form a flaming whip very similar to the Combat Cross he used as a weapon in his human years, or the Vampire Killer whip first crafted by a man named Rinaldo Gandolfi for the Belmont clan to defeat Dracula.
  • Naturally gained near infinite knowledge of the dark arts when he became the Lord of Darkness in 1094, and when he obtained the soul of a powerful vampire with the Crimson Stone, Walter Bernhard.
  • Superman Speed - He can move at great speed to an unknown extent.
  • Superhuman Strength - The extent is unknown, but Dracula can physically rip humans and vampires apart with ease. In 1998, he sliced through Tubalcain Alhambra's cards (which are strong enough to easily cut through a uranium shell moving at high speed, without the slightest damage done to the cards themselves). With just his bare hands, he was able to stab Alexander Anderson, infused with the Nail of Helena, in the heart and kill him, while one of his handguns, the Casull, did not make any noticeable impact on Anderson. 
  • Fangs that can rip through almost any material.
  • Complete invincibility to anything but holy weaponry, powerful light magic, or dark magic near his own caliber(or those chosen to defeat him, the Belmonts)
  • Superhuman Reflexes - He has demonstrated the ability to catch bullets(both Rip Van Winkle's and ordinary ones), he easily caught Rip Van Winkle's magic bullet with his teeth(the same bullet which punctured an SR-71 moving down at Mach 3.2 speed several times at rapid succession and intercepted multiple times).
  • Superhuman Agility - He can defy gravity to an uncertain limit. He is also seen jumping impossible distances and walking up vertical walls.
  • Teleportation
  • He can produce Scythian Blood Mist, clouds formed from the blood of humans that he has absorbed or drinken from.
  • Dominance - Ability to absorb the souls of other monsters and use them as his own. He was given this power by the Crimson Stone.
  • Can create meteor-like spheres
  • Devil Forging - Creating minions from wisps of conjured matter, and summoning them from the Underworld.
  • Highly adept in the art of Alchemy
  • Demonic Megiddo - either a large explosion sent out from his body, or a giant ball of darkness thrown down at his opponent that explodes on contact
  • Superhuman accuracy - Dracula has been known to hit targets at a great range using handguns while looking the other way. He does this by using his so-called "Third Eye."
  • Intangibility - The ability to pass through solid objects.
  • Shape-Shifting - Dracula can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hellhounds, other humanoid forms, clouds of mist, wolves, smoke, fire, and dragon-like beasts(Ex: A gigantic dragon made entirely of hot smoke and flame). Dracula has many other humanoid forms each with different characteristics and weapons. 
  • Regeneration - Can regenerate limbs when his skin reconstructs itself, and form his entire body or parts of his body into mist or bats, then form back into his more human form and be completely healed of all damages. Unless, he was hit by a holy weapon, like the Vampire Killer whip, a cross, holy water, etc.
  • He can cast illusions.
  • Weather Control - He can control the weather to an unknown limit.
  • Telepathy - He can speak into other's minds.
  • Mind Reading - He can also read their minds, allowing them to speak back, unless they are also a vampire in which case they use their telepathy powers.
  • Wind Magic - He can control the speed, temperature, and direction of the wind.
  • Water Magic - He can control the temperature, amount, speed, and direction of water. 
  • Mind Control and Hypnosis - He can control other's minds, like when he controlled Lucy's mind to make her walk outside so he could drain more of her blood(though Belmonts and close relatives of Belmonts are immune, as well as powerful vampire killers and magic-users).
  • He can drive men insane just through his visage, if he chooses to(though Belmonts and close relatives of Belmonts are immune, as well as powerful vampire killers and magic-users).
  • Combat Experience - In addition to superhuman abilities, Dracula also shows millenia of combat experience. While he usually relies on crushing his opponents with sheer power, he does at times use strategy.
  • Triforce of Power - He is the reincarnation of Demise, a being from millions of years and ages before his time, the first Lord and God of Darkness. The reincarnations usually only acquire the Lord of Darkness trait, as being the God of Darkness requires being born from a god or directly created by God in Heaven. Being a reincarnation of Demise instantly means you are the Lord of Darkness, and will soon gain its throne and rule over all darkness in RELM(page coming soon).

Powers after the Hellsing power increaseEdit

  • All listed above.
  • Advanced Regeneration - Can completely reconstruct wounds or places that have been completely decimated, by reforming them through shadow matter, regardless if it is a holy weapon or if he has been blown to bits. Even if he was blasted out of existence, the shadow matter reforms him wherever he was obliterated.
  • Shape-Shifting - Same as before, only now he can also transform himself or parts of himself into an amorphous mass of darkness and shadow matter.
  • Immunity to Vampire Weaknesses - Such as a cross, a rosary, the sun, silver (bullets), etc. Though Helena's Nail was able to harm him, it did no lasting damage. However, the Vampire Killer whip would still do lasting damage.


Early LifeEdit

6198 - alucard hellsing kurobe sclock young

Mathias as a young boy.

In 1431, Vlad Mathias Cronqvist III was born to Erin Nomviq, and the Devil himself, though Vlad Cronqvist II, ruler of the province of Transylvania, actually raised him with Erin Nomviq. Vlad II founded the Order of the Dragon, an order of holy knights made to protect Christianity, and was called "Dracul," the Dragon. Thus, Vlad was dubbed "Dracula," son of the Dragon. The Cronqvists were a rich family, so he was raised in a castle in the Carpathian Mountains in Wallachia called Poenari Castle. His best friend was a boy named Leon Belmont, whom he allowed to always call him by his middle name, Mathias, and was also an orphan raised by the Order, and he also had a half brother named Radu Cronqvist, biological son of Vlad II, unlike himself.

When he was but 13 in 1444, he and Radu were sent to captivity of the Ottoman empire because their father refused to pay the Turks tribute. Vlad was molested many times over the course of his imprisonment. This is when he gradually lost faith in God, and finally prayed one day to him saying he did not want help from God if he was this omnipresent being just letting him be molested and tortured.

He received all of his education under Ottoman custody. In December 1447, boyars in league with the Hungarian regent John Hunyadi rebelled against Vlad II Dracul and killed him in the marshes near Bălteni. Mircea II Cronqvist of Wallachia, Dracul's eldest son and heir, was blinded and buried alive at Târgoviște.

In March 1451, to prevent Wallachia from falling into the Hungarian fold, the Ottomans invaded Wallachia and put young Vlad III on the throne. However, this rule was short-lived as Hunyadi himself now invaded Wallachia and restored his ally Vladislav II, of the Dănești clan, to the throne.

Vlad fled to Moldavia, where he lived under the protection of his uncle, Bogdan Cronqvist II. In October 1451, Bogdan was assassinated and Vlad fled to Hungary. Impressed by Vlad's vast knowledge of the mindset and inner workings of the Ottoman Empire as well as his hatred of the new sultan Mehmed II, Hunyadi reconciled with his former rival and made him his advisor.

After the Fall of Constantinople to Mehmed II in 1453, Ottoman influence began to spread from this base through the Carpathians, threatening mainland Europe, and by 1481 conquering the entire Balkans peninsula.

In 1456, three years after the Ottomans had conquered Constantinople, they threatened Hungary by besieging Belgrade. Hunyadi began a concerted counter-attack in Serbia: while he himself moved into Serbia and relieved the siege (before dying of the plague), Vlad led his own contingent into Wallachia, reconquered his native land and killed Vladislav II in hand-to-hand combat.

In 1457, Vlad found Elisabetha had returned to Romania long before he did and somehow managed to go to England and graduate from Oxford University, then return to her homeland. They soon realized they were in love with one another, and married.

Elisabetha didn't realize that Vlad was mentally unstable from what happened to him at the Ottoman empire, his brother betraying him, and discovering his parents had died. When Vlad returned to the throne of Wallachia, he used severe methods to restore order and prosperity. His favorite method was to impale the criminals and his opponents during battle. A virtual forest was formed in front of Poenari Castle, a forest of impaled lawbreakers and opponents of Romania, the Forest of the Dead. Many gave him the title of Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler in Romanian.

In the January of 1460, Vlad returned from a campaign to discover Elisabetha had taken her own life after hearing false news that Vlad had died at war. 

1461: Events of Castlevania: Lament of InnocenceEdit


Vlad Cronqvist, now bearing the Crimson Stone.

In January of 1461, Leon discovered soon that his own beloved had been captured by the vampire Walter Bernhard, who lived in Bernhard Castle in eastern Romania.

Leon renounced his title at the Order of the Dragon because the Order did not allow members to intervene with creatures of the night, monsters, or the supernatural. He headed off to the castle.

What Leon did not know, was that this was all part of a scheme formulated by Vlad, and while Leon was away, he and no one else knowing Vlad was alive once again, Vlad had found the Crimson Stone, one of the two Alchemy Stones, the other being the Ebony Stone. Both were said to contain the curse of the vampire and contain great power. The Crimson Stone was said to be lost. It also gave one the ability to obtain the soul of creatures at the lowest of their stamina, power, and health. Or, right after their death, or in the midst of their death.

Through his acquiring of the arcane relic, the evil deity known as Death bound himself in servitude to Vlad, as Death would only follow he who controlled the Crimson Stone. With the stone, not only could he control the powerful spirit creature, but could absorb the souls of slain vampires and add their powers to his own.

The Vampire King Walter Bernhard was bored of his own immortality. Thus, he loved playing life or death games with vampire hunters. Before Leon ever went off to Bernhard Castle, Vlad had suggested the capture of Sara Trountul, Leon's fiancee, to Walter. He told Walter how great of a fighter Leon was, so Walter was very interested and sent his forces to seize her very late at night.

Loi3 death


All went according to Vlad's ingenious plan; Leon went to Walter's castle to save Sara, and due to a series of planned events, was able to defeat Walter. When Walter was dying, Death appeared and took his soul and granted the vampire's power to Vlad, who had materialized in the castle. It was only in his final moments that Walter realized what was happening, and what Vlad's true intentions were. Due to absorbing Walter's soul, Vlad became the most powerful vampire in existence, though the Ebony Stone eluded him, as it was destroyed in Leon and Walter's battle.

Vlad then declared that he had never spent a better night, and gave Leon his gratitude. A confused Leon demanded an explanation, to which Vlad replied that he needed a powerful vampire's soul, and he knew that Leon had it in him to destroy Walter so that he could take the soul. Leon sensed a rage from the Vampire Killer whip, which he used to kill Walter, and asked in disbelief if his best friend had abandoned humanity. Vlad revealed that before he was executed a few months ago, he licked he blood off of the ground, the rivers of blood left behind by his fallen comrades and fallen opponents. Vlad confirmed this and revealed his motive. He admitted that everyone involved in the ordeal were just pawns in his plan to become the most powerful vampire and curse God forevermore because of God's cruelty. Vlad then offered Leon eternal life as he too suffered over the death of his beloved. Leon refused, because eternity without the one he loved would be empty, and Vlad's twisted plan had cost Sara her life.

Vlad believed out of all people his lifelong, childhood friend he had known longer than Elisabetha, Leon, would understand him. But when that wasn't the case, he ordered Death to finish Leon off, and he transformed into a bat and flew away. The two would never meet again.

Vlad went in hiding in foreign lands once again and he continued to curse God.

(Most from the Dracula page at Castlevania wiki )

1461-1476: InterludeEdit

In March of 1461, Vlad returned to Romania and constructed a castle in the county of Neamt, near what is now the town of Ruginesti, on the other side of a bridge a small village called Jova. He called the very

Castle Dracula.

castle itself "Castle Dracula" and the castle grounds(the castle, the bridge, the Forest of Silence, and the section of the Carpathian Mountains closest to the castle) Castlevania. Then he claimed the throne of Vampire King. He took the title "Dracula" from his human life a year ago. In the castle, he recruited humans and other beings who had turned their back on God, or were shunned by the light, and conjured many from the Netherworlds and forged some using Devil Forging from wisps of darkness, and with the Crimson Stone, summoned all the souls he had absorbed over the years. Mathias granted some of the recruited humans the forbidden knowledge of Devil Forgery and allowed them to practice their rites in his castle.


One day, in the July of 1461, he met a kind woman named Elisabeth Quagmire, or Lisa, with whom he would eventually become romantically involved. She reminded Vlad very much of Elisabetha, which was mostly the reason why he had fallen in love with her. Lisa loved Vlad very dearly despite his views on life and they would eventually late in that year have a son together named Adrian and another in 1465 named Maxwell. Her mere presence gave Vlad peace and he was much less violent because of her love. He also founded schools for creatures of the night, one called Monster High School (no, not that Monster High) for grades 9th - 12th, Monster Intermediate School for grades 6th - 8th, Monster Elementary School for grades 3rd - 5th, and Monster Primary School for grades Preschool - 2nd. He also reconstructed Great Draw Castle for supernatural college students.

In 1470, rumors started to spread throughout the villages of  that Lisa's medicinal practices were a form of witchcraft. A man named Jeremiah Crawford, once Lisa's fiance, became increasingly filled with jealousy and hatred when he learned she had beared a child with the Devil of the Mountains. He revealed the truth to the villagers of Jova, her hometown and the town across the bridge of the castle. This caused her to be arrested and sentenced to death by the authorities. Lisa was captured and crucified, an event Adrian witnessed but was prevented from intervening in. As the execution traditionally occurred during the daylight hours, Vlad did not even become aware of it until hours later, and when he learned of this, it drove him over the edge. Eventually, he retook the name Dracula and plotted his revenge against mankind for ruthlessly taking away what mattered most to him.

1476: Events of Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseEdit

Dracula, angered at humanity for the loss of Lisa, sent his legions against the people of Europe. The church sent many armies in opposition, but none returned.

After several months, Dracula's forces had almost completely wiped out the armies sent by the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Order of the Dragon, and had conquered whole countries. The head of the Romanian Church first sent Sypha Belnades, a holy sorceress, to destroy Dracula, but she was turned to stone. So, after shunning the Belmonts before because of fear of their power, the Church head decided to bring Trevor Belmont out of exile to attack Dracula. One night, Isaac, a General in Dracula's army, reported that the Belmont family had started an offense in the west. A vampire hunting descendant of Dracula's old friend, Leon, who's name was Sonia Belmont, was planning to assault Dracula's castle. Because Dracula was responsible for the death of Leon's betrothed, Sara Trantoul, Leon committed his kinsmen to hunting down and destroying Dracula. Isaac requested the opportunity to face Trevor himself. Instead, he was sent to find Hector, another General who was previously ordered to assassinate Belmont, but had deserted.

Dracula planned to meet his old friend's son himself and waited for the hunter in his throne room.


Trevor Belmont, the descendant of Leon Belmont, the first human to defeat Dracula.

In 1476, Trevor had returned to his family's old hometown, Warakia, that was completely abandoned when monsters ransacked it, forcing the townspeople out. Trevor was visiting the tomb of his father, Leon Belmont, the very man who saved all of Romania from the threat of the old Vampire King Walter Bernhard, but in doing so, awakened the power of the Lord of Darkness, Dracula. He paid his respects, reading the ancient plaque on his tomb, when a terrible lightning storm began to shroud the vegetation-covered ruins of Warakia. He suddenly sensed a horrible rage from the whip he kept to remember his mother. He sensed a horrible dark aura. Trevor knew it was now the time to attack.

So, Trevor made his way through the county of Neamt in the province of Transylvania, and eventually to Castle Dracula. He faced Dracula with the alliance of the rebel Grant DaNasty, the sorceress Sypha Belnades, and the dhampir son of Dracula, Adrian Tepes. With much effort, the Lord of Darkness was finally slain. Finally, after over three hundred years, the evil Dracula was destroyed. However, with his final breath, he uttered a curse on Romania that corrupted the minds of the people who pillaged and scourged it without remorse.

1479: Events of Curse of DarknessEdit

For more information, see Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.

A few years later in 1479, Death sought to resurrect Dracula by using the Count's traitorous Devil Forgemaster General Hector as a vessel for Dracula. Because Devil Forgemasters were suffused within Dracula's magic, only they could make suitable hosts for the Count to inhabit. However, they would have to be fully enveloped within the curse that Dracula left behind that was plaguing the land and its people.

Though Hector was Death's ideal choice for a body for Dracula's reawakening, he rejected the Curse, causing Death to compromise and use Isaac for the vessel. Isaac was killed in cold blood by Hector, and Death used the corpse to resurrect the Count, causing the first reawakening of Dracula from the dead. Because the resurrection was only partially successful, Hector was able to thwart both Death and Dracula and send the Count back to the grave, as well as nullify his curse with his Devil Forging powers, finally freeing the land from its venomous grip.

1576-1591: The Legend of DraculaEdit

A century later, Dracula rose again. It was at this time that Dracula's one hundred year regeneration cycle became manifest. Due to the power of Christ weakening every one hundred years, men's hearts grew black with chaos. They sought to resurrect Dracula so that he may cleanse the world. He was brought back in 1576, and because his powers were linked to his castle, his stronghold returned with him.

20101114203424!Legacy-Christopher Belmont

Christopher Belmont from the comics "Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy"

Strengthened from his slumber, the Count resumed his quest for revenge against humanity and began attacking Transylvania with his hordes. Once again, the only ones that could hope to stand against him and his throngs of followers were the Belmont family with their holy whip, Vampire Killer. Castlevania was invaded by Christopher Belmont, the great grandson of Trevor Belmont, and the vampire hunter and Dracula engaged in a death duel. Christopher thought he had sent the Count to his grave, but Dracula turned into mist and feigned death. Though his castle was destroyed, and he was too weakened from the battle to assume his regular form, Dracula would bide his time, waiting for the right moment to strike back against the Belmont family that had caused him so much trouble.

Dracula resurfaced fifteen years later in 1591, magically influencing Christopher's son, Soleiyu Belmont, while still trapped in mist form. He planned on using the Belmont to become whole, and he cast a curse on the young vampire hunter that would cause Soleiyu to do his bidding. Christopher Belmont came to the aid of his son, and was forced to battle him. Christopher defeated Soleiyu, and expelled Dracula's presence from his mind. By that time, using the spirits of four elemental castles, Dracula had become whole, and he battled Christopher Belmont for the last time. Christopher was victorious and destroyed Dracula, sending the vampire to sleep for one hundred years.

(From the Dracula page on the Castlevania wiki )

1691: Events of Vampire Killer, Castlevania, and Castlevania II: Simon's QuestEdit

Yet another 100 years passed, in the 11th of August of 1691, and Dracula rose again thanks to humans who crave bloodshed and chaos. But not in the usual Castle Dracula, he was resurrected inside a castle in the county of Gorj in the Wallachia province, a castle that was constructed by the human cult. The cult believed that for there to be absolute good, there needed to be a being of absolute darkness.


Simon Belmont, grandson of Christopher Belmont, third to defeat Dracula.

Dracula released all of his souls through out the castle, and began another attack on Europe. Dracula brought Death back from the Abyss, and the cult leaders, using the help of Dracula's dark magic, all transformed into copies of mythical beasts. Simon Belmont, the grandson of Christopher Belmont, noticed quickly and looked for the source of these attacks. Simon investigated Castle Dracula, but it was still in ruin. Simon heard of an underground cult called "With Light" that had been kidnapping people that originated from Gorj, supposedly for sacrifices to Dracula. Thus, the Belmont made his way to the new castle in the Transylvanian Alps.

The castle off the coast of Constanta in the Black Sea that the "With Light" cult constructed.

When he stormed the castle, he fought the newly transformed cult members who had become a gigantic Vampire Bat, a giant Medusa Head, two mummies, a combination of many dead corpses forming a "Frankenstein Monster," and a small very acrobatic demon. Simon destroyed each one of them, Dracula absorbing each of their souls at the moment of their deaths, and then Simon destroyed Death. When he arrived at the abode of the Vampire King, Dracula was but a walking and ghostly skeleton with only a red cloak covering his naked bones. The cult weren't as experienced devil forgemasters, so all that was brought to the earthly plane was a being that was more ghost than vampire. Simon still defeated Dracula with the whip passed down from his grandfather. Dracula then possessed a large painting of him in his keep, but Simon destroyed what was left behind of his dark spirit by hitting the Crimson Stone on the portrait of Dracula's head. Since the castle wasn't directly connected to Dracula and the stone, it didn't crumble, but it did rot over time without no caretaker.

But a few months later, the 3rd of December, Dracula was once again resurrected by remaining members of the cult that decided to keep their humanity during the incident a few months prior. This time, in the catacombs under the remains of Castle Dracula. Castle Dracula arose once again, and Dracula released the souls of the old cult members into places of the castle similar to parts of the cult's castle relative to Castle Dracula. After some attacks on the country, Simon first went to the cult's castle, but it was still abandoned. He finally realized after an hour or so that the attacks were coming from the real Castle Dracula in Neamt this time. The Belmont went to Dracula's castle and killed the cult members again, Death, and put Dracula back to his sleep. But before Dracula died, he dealt a great blow to Simon's back, and placed his curse on Simon.

3 days later, Simon finally realized Dracula had cursed him when people had been saying his eyes were glowing red, and reporting he had been acting very violent and different. Simon had been lashing out at people, and showing red rings around parts of his skin like the Black Plague. People suspected the plague first, but after some medical professionals investigated, they said he showed signs of Dracula's Curse because of the sudden violent tendencies and mood swings, that along with the red rings and rashes. Simon wasn't just going to accept his fate, giving up wasn't in his Belmont blood. So Simon heard from legend that each time Dracula was destroyed, vital body parts spiritually connected to the Crimson Stone would fly to 5 different mansions the Crimson Stone constructed with its own consciousness when Dracula first obtained the stone.

Simon went to each mansion, Berkeley, Rover, Brahms, Bodley, and
Castle Ruins 1536 x 1024

The ruins of Castle Dracula.

Laruba, destroying all the monsters that guarded each mansion. He went to the ruins of Castle Dracula and traveled to the underground catacombs to the demonic ritual chamber. All the body parts glew red when they became of one mind and recognized they were in the castle, they flew together over the pot, and formed together to make Dracula. Dracula had only just returned and being resurrected by this method

Dracula Wraith

makes his form unstable, so he was in the form of Dracula wraith, like during the incident in August. Simon destroyed Dracula again, and the curse was lifted on Simon. 

1748: Events of Castlevania: Harmony of DissonanceEdit

Dracula's remains would wreak havoc in the world again when a young vampire hunter named Maxim Kischine sought out Dracula's remains as a means of proving himself as a hunter. He was envious of the Belmont Clan's status, and wanted to confirm that he was stronger than them by finding the remains of Lord Dracula. Like Simon Belmont fifty years earlier, Maxim retrieved all pieces of the remains in 1748, but possession of Dracula's body parts for so long caused Maxim's mind to split in two(sort of like keeping the One Ring for a period of time), birthing an evil spirit within Maxim.

Because Dracula was partially brought back in the world through Maxim, Castlevania reappeared. Because the evil spirit did not have full control of Maxim, the Castle wasn't whole. One half of the Castle was in the earthly realm, while the other half resided in a spiritual realm. The evil Maxim and the original Maxim wrestled for control of the body. Death aided the evil Maxim, because if the evil one took over completely, it would cause the Castles to unite. Death saw Lydie Erlanger, a young maiden whom Maxim cared for, as a means to this. If the evil Maxim partook of the maiden's blood, her sacrifice would provide him the strength he needed to overcome the regular Maxim. Death's scheme was foiled by Juste Belmont, the grandnephew of Simon Belmont, who exercised the evil spirit from Maxim by gathering and presenting Dracula's remains. The spirit was drawn to the remains and relinquished its hold of Maxim's body, and materialized as Dracula's phantom(Dracula wraith). Juste defeated the wraith, which mocked the Belmont Clan's quest as being futile, because Dracula would always return, and they were doomed to hunt him for all eternity.

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Jack Henry Dappen Sir. Mr. Dappen-(1773 -1804) 1788 -1797: Events of Castlevania: Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, Castlevania: Dracula X, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ("very sad my crying at my own Death),"Edit

40 years later, Dracula was resurrected once again, and after he gained full power, ordered his forces to attack the village of Jova and burn it to the ground. His forces also captured Annette Renard, the fiance of Jack Henry Dappen the son of Frederick Belmont Jack, Maria Renard, Annette's sister, and a few other women. Once. found out, he immediately rode on a carriage to the burning Jova after encountering Death, who gave Jack. a taste of his power as a warning, Jack H. Dappen running him off quickly. After he destroyed the Wyvern that set the village aflame, he went to Castle Dracula and rescued all the maidens, Defeated Death, defeated the dark priest Shaft, a descendant of a member of the cult that resurrected Dracula in 1691, destroyed his ghost, then faced Dracula, and of course, destroyed him. Dracula gave a short monologue before he burned away.

Soon after, Jack, and Annette married. A mere 3 years later, Annette and Maria vanished again. He looked around for them, but couldn't find them. He heard of several silhouetted men with red glowing eyes watching Annette and Maria several nights before they disappeared. Jack. knew Dracula had returned and was looking for revenge towards Jack before launching any more attacks. He went to investigate Castle Dracula, but the castle was still crumbled in ruins. Jack. looked all around, but couldn't find them, and didn't know what to do. Finally, he heard reports of a village being attacked in the county Constanta that was named Constanta. Jack, knew he had a lead, and made his journey to Constanta. When he arrived, the fires were still burning, even though it had taken Jack 2 days to get there without wasting a moment.

After destroying Cerberus, the three headed hellhound, Jack Henry Dappen, went across the bridge to the 100 year old castle and destroyed the Giant Bat(the summoned soul of the "With Light" cult member that allowed himself to be mutated into a Giant Bat by Dracula in 1691), the withering ghost of Shaft(Dracula absorbed Shaft's soul right when he was destroyed as a ghost in 1788), rescued Maria, but couldn't locate Annette anywhere in the castle. Thus, when he arrived at the top of the Clocktower, he found, to his horror, that Annette and been transformed into the Skull Sorceress. Jack, was meant to fight Death here, but Annette as this demon took his place and Death went into hiding. After sadly killing Annette, he traveled through the castle heights to the keep and destroyed Dracula again.

6 years later, in 1797, Jack Henry Dappen suddenly vanished, and Castle Dracula rose again. With no Belmont to fight off the Blood Lord in his return, Maria, now 17, hunted down Alucard, the son of Dracula who helped defeat his father 1476 with Trevor, Grant, and Sypha, and begged for his help. Alucard accepted and went to the castle to investigate. When he arrived and came to the outside area before the fourth section of the Main Hall, he encountered Death who removed all his items and powers.

After much effort, Alucard retrieved all of his powers back, and destroyed Death. Alucard also encountered Jack, who had become Lord of the castle. After defeating Jack, the Belmont snapped out of the spell. He soon met with the dark priest Shaft, who in 1791, was accidentally released by the Crimson Stone in Dracula's defeat. This sometimes happens in his destruction, a soul or a few are set free. Shaft was released as an amorphous phantom that had no effect on anything physical and no magical power whatsoever, but Death made him whole again earlier in 1797. Shaft had made Jack ruler of Castlevania so he would hopefully stay corrupt and destroy Alucard before Alucard could interfere too much.

After Alucard destroyed Shaft and entered a portal, it was revealed Shaft had resurrected Dracula, who had morphed into a terrible demon save for himself sitting upon a throne. After being face to face with his father for the first time in 321 years, Alucard defeated him. Before he was destroyed, he asked his son what Alucard's mother and his wife Lisa's last words were before she was executed. He told him she said to not harm humans, for theirs is already a hard lot, and said she also said to tell Dracula that she would love him for all eternity. The Dark Lord asked for Lisa's forgiveness before dying, the castle collapsing and wisping up into a thick white light from the clouds. After a short conversation with Jack and Maria, Alucard disappeared again!

1804: Events of Castlevania: The Soul of Dracula, a fan game   Edit

7 years later, Dracula returned to unlife. A day before his return, Soul Belmont had found that his father, Jack Henry Dappen (had committed suicide by firing a Flintlock handgun inside his mouth in his bedroom), He Mr. Dappen left behind a suicide note telling he committed suicide because he couldn't Jack Dappen, live any longer knowing Annette was dead, his son was being raised without a mother's love, and he was raising his son in a country dominated by creatures of darkness, regardless of Dracula being materialized in the mortal world or not. The 13 year old Soul, his veins coursing with anger and vengeance, took the Vampire Killer whip passed down from generation to generation hung in his father's Jack Herny Dappen's closet, and traveled to Dracula's castle!

Dracula had not made any attacks on the countryside or even attempted to drink blood anywhere from the wine cellar filled with barrels of blood instead of wine. But, Soul destroyed hundreds of the Black Foe's minions, and in the castle heights, faced Dracula. The blood lord was depressed and could only think about what Lisa's last words were and felt bad for his son, but still had his arrogant attitude towards the Belmont and retaliated. Soul destroyed Dracula with the hatred in his heart.

1805 - 1815: InterludeEdit

A year after the events of The Soul of Dracula, the Belmonts suddenly vanished. This is because when Soul became around 15, he left Romania with his new beloved who he knew since 1801 when he was 10, and halfway through his journey to their destination, the woman he loved died giving birth to their new child, whom he named Tesla. He traveled all the way to London, but when he arrived at London, he died of an unknown illness, not realizing he was cursed by Dracula right before he destroyed the vampire king. Tesla was found by a family called the Helsings. 

(Events of Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries, a fan game) In 1815, Joseph DaNasty, descendant of Grant DaNasty who helped destroy Dracula in 1476, went to the vampire noble Count Orlok's castle, hoping to find answers about the whereabouts of the Belmonts. After invading the Count's castle, defeating Orlock and Death, he learned nothing. He could not escape in time, and the castle caved in on him.

1816: Events of Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaEdit

Dracula rose in 1816. After 1797, the Belmont family faded away into mystery, and after Joseph DaNasty found no answers about the Belmonts in 1815, other organizations emerged with the hope of holding back Dracula and his forces in the Belmonts' stead. The most successful group was Ecclesia, due to Barlowe, the leader of Ecclesia, making a breakthrough discovery with the creation of Glyphs, symbols that utilized the power within all things, which the Ecclesia members were able to use in combat.

Because of Ecclesia success, those in positions of power entrusted the organization with Dracula's bodily remains so that they may destroy the remains and hopefully end the scourge of Count Dracula for good. Barlowe developed the ultimate glyph, Dominus, from the remains of Count Dracula. Barlowe used the cover story that Dominus would be used to destroy the Dark Lord, but in truth, Ecclesia true purpose was to fulfill the wish of mankind, which in Barlowe's mind was the resurrection of Count Dracula. Barlowe's plan was to use Dominus to destroy the seal on the remains that prevented Dracula's reemergence in the world. Barlowe needed someone to host the Dominus Glyphs, and he chose his disciple, Shanoa, who was unaware of the true intent of Ecclesia, and that using Dominus would end her life. Shanoa discovered the truth and defeated Barlowe. The remains of Dracula then surged large amounts of dark energy into Barlowe, which he was able to use to resurrect Dracula at the cost of his own life. After Barlowe sacrificed his life force to the bodily remains, the Dark Lord and his castle returned yet again.

Shanoa infiltrated Castlevania and made her way to the Throne Room where Dracula ruled over his castle and subjects. Initially, Dracula thought that Shanoa was the one that brought him back, and asked her if she wished for eternal life or a place at his side in return for her service. Shanoa told the Count that she had in fact gone there to destroy him. Dracula was amused by her response and welcomed her challenge, telling her that he had not danced in a while. Shanoa's own power was not enough to destroy Dracula, but when she used the Dominus Glyphs that she was hosting, to the Count's surprise; she was able to defeat Dracula with his own power, sending him to his death.

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1820 - 1852: Subsequent ResurrectionsEdit

In 1820, Dracula was again resurrected but was sealed away by Morris Baldwin, and prosperity was secured during the following ten years. Eventually, Camilla Vilostor, one of Dracula's brides, awoke from her slumber and sensed that it was time to aid in Dracula's resurrection. She prepared a ritual in her old Austrian castle that her servants constructed that would break the seal that was put on her master. After Morris received word of this, he rushed to Carmilla's castle along with his two apprentices, Nathan Graves and Hugh Baldwin, where he would confront the newly risen Vampire Lord. Dracula immediately recognized Morris as the one who had put an end to him ten years prior and separated Hugh and Nathan from him by plunging them into the deep caverns underneath the castle. Dracula then planned to drain Morris' life in order to regain his full power, but had to wait until the moon was full for the rite to be completed.

Nathan, who was determined to save his master, reached the Throne Room and was able to rescue the old vampire hunter. Hugh quickly took his father away while Nathan stayed to confront Dracula. When the battle was over, Nathan stood victorious.

In 1844, Dracula's followers were plotting to revive him once again by sacrificing a young maiden and spilled her blood over their Lord's remains. This time, the man-beast Cornell stood up against Dracula who was lured to the vampire's castle because his sister Ada was captured and brought there.

After Dracula was defeated, he tried to drag Cornell's sister with him as a last act of revenge. Harnessing all of his strength, Cornell sacrificed the spirit of his wolf form in order to smash the crystal and save his sister therein, the wolf's spirit was effectively substituted as her replacement, and Dracula gladly made use of this power in order to plan his next scheme.

By using the power of Cornell's wolf spirit, Dracula was able to survive, but he had to take the appearance of a child, as he still needed to recover. He took the name Malus, and pretended to have been kidnapped in order to come close to the young vampire hunter who opposed him, Carrie Fernandez, a descendant of Sypha Belnades who helped defeat Dracula in 1476. The vampire pretended to be chased by a monster from which he was saved by Carrie, and for this act Malus thanked her.

Malus would continue to lurk about while acting more and more suspicious and played cat-and-mouse with the young heroin. After enduring many struggles, Carrie arrived at the castle keep. Dracula appeared from behind and began to attack but would eventually fall. Carrie struggled to escape the crumbling castle and would eventually meet up with Malus. The boy would declare that he was actually Dracula reborn and that the vampire she fought earlier was merely his servant, Gilles de Rais.

The three battled, but Dracula was eventually brought down to his knees and turned to mist. Malus suddenly materialized and pretended to have been possessed. Before Carrie came close to him, Malus was hit with holy water which engulfed his flesh. An arriving Charlie Vincent explained that Malus was the real Dracula and that his childlike appearance was a trick.

His plan thwarted again, the Dark Lord used his remaining power to transport Carrie to a different realm and turned into an enormous demon. Despite his efforts, Dracula was defeated once again and his plan was ruined.

1890 - 1893: InterludeEdit

Dracula was resurrected again in 1890, now with no Belmont relatives, Belnades relatives, DyNasty relatives, or any trace of his son to interfere with his plans and destroy him. Instead of sending his forces against the continent upon his immediate return and gain of full power as he normally would do, he didn't even decide to resurrect any of his followers, fill Castlevania with summoned souls, or create them using devil forging. Instead, he used his time to travel around Europe like he did after becoming a vampire in the late 11th century between the early 15th century, and hunted more souls. 

In 1893, he returned to his castle.

1893 - 1916: The beginning of the Hellsing organizationEdit

The tale of Dracula begins with Jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's castle. The purpose of his mission is to provide legal support to Dracula for a real estate transaction overseen by Harker's employer, Peter Hawkins, of Exeter in England. At first enticed by Dracula's gracious manner, Harker soon discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle. He also begins to see disquieting facets of Dracula's nocturnal life. One night while searching for a way out of the castle, and against Dracula's strict admonition not to venture outside his room at night, Harker falls under the spell of three wanton female vampires, Brides of Dracula (referred to only as "the sisters" in the novel), Carmilla Vilostor, Morrigan Aensland, and Carmella Tepes. He is saved at the last second by the Count, because he wants to keep Harker alive just long enough to obtain needed legal advice and teachings about England and London (Dracula's planned travel destination so as to be among the "teeming millions"). After the preparations are made, Dracula leaves the castle and abandons Harker to the brides. Jonathan barely escapes from the castle with his life.

Not long afterward, a Russian ship, the Demeter, having weighed anchor at Varna, runs aground on the shores of Whitby, England, during a fierce tempest. All of the crew are missing and presumed dead, and only one body is found, that of the captain tied to the ship's helm. The captain's log is recovered and tells of strange events that had taken place during the ship's journey. These events led to the gradual disappearance of the entire crew apparently owing to a malevolent presence on board the ill-fated ship. An animal described as a large dog is seen on the ship leaping ashore. The ship's cargo is described as silver sand and boxes of "mould", or earth, from Transylvania.

Soon Dracula is tracking Harker's devoted fiancée, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, and her friend, Lucy Westenra. Lucy receives three marriage proposals in one day, from Dr. John Seward; Quincey Morris; and the Hon. Arthur Holmwood (later Lord Godalming). Lucy accepts Holmwood's proposal while turning down Seward and Morris, but all remain friends. Dracula has a notable encounter with Seward's patient Renfield, an insane man who means to consume insects, spiders, birds, and other creatures—in ascending order of size—in order to absorb their "life force". Renfield acts as a motion sensor, detecting Dracula's proximity and supplying clues accordingly.

Lucy begins to waste away suspiciously. All of her suitors fret, and Seward calls in his old teacher, Professor Abraham Van Helsing(descendant of Johnson Van Helsing and Tesla Belmont, daughter of Soul Belmont) from Amsterdam. Van Helsing immediately determines the cause of Lucy's condition but refuses to disclose it, knowing that Seward's faith in him will be shaken if he starts to speak of vampires. Van Helsing tries multiple blood transfusions, but they are clearly losing ground. On a night when Van Helsing must return to Amsterdam (and his message to Seward asking him to watch the Westenra household is delayed), Lucy and her mother are attacked by a wolf. Mrs. Westenra, who has a heart condition, dies of fright, and Lucy apparently dies soon after.

Lucy is buried, but soon afterward the newspapers report children being stalked in the night by, in their words, a "bloofer lady" (i.e., "beautiful lady"). Van Helsing, knowing that this means Lucy has become a vampire, confides in Seward, Lord Godalming, and Morris. The suitors and Van Helsing track her down, and after a disturbing confrontation between her vampiric self and Arthur, they stake her heart, behead her, and fill her mouth with garlic.

Around the same time, Jonathan Harker arrives home from recuperation in Budapest (where Mina joined and married him after his escape from the castle); he and Mina also join the coalition, who turn their attentions to dealing with Dracula.

After Dracula learns of Van Helsing's and the others' plot against him, he takes revenge by visiting—and feeding from—Mina at least three times. Dracula also feeds Mina his blood, creating a spiritual bond between them to control her. The only way to forestall this is to kill Dracula first. Mina slowly succumbs to the blood of the vampire that flows through her veins, switching back and forth from a state of consciousness to a state of semi-trance during which she is telepathically connected with Dracula. This telepathic connection is established to be two-way, in that the Count can influence Mina, but in doing so betrays to her awareness of his surroundings.

After the group sterilizes all of his lairs in London by putting pieces of consecrated host in each box of earth, Dracula flees back to his castle in Transylvania, transported in a box with transfer and portage instructions forwarded, pursued by Van Helsing's group, who themselves are aided by Van Helsing hypnotizing Mina and questioning her about the Count. The group splits in three directions. Van Helsing and Mina camp in the forest outside the Dark Lord's castle, where the vampire "sisters" appear and attempt to entice Mina to join them entirely. Van Helsing manages to drive them away, and during daylight, goes to the castle and kills them. Shortly afterwards all converge on the Blood Lord just at sundown under the shadow of the castle. Van Helsing rushes to Dracula's box, which is being transported by Gypsies. Van Helsing opens the coffin and stabs Dracula in the heart with a long wooden stake. 


Dracula, defeated by Van Helsing.

Dracula asks if he has been "bested," and Van Helsing explains that they destroyed his brides and minions while he slept in the coffin, and said Mina had "fled this place forevermore." He said Mina would never be his, and slammed his fist into the stake, pushing it deeper into the vampire's chest, making him emit blood from his mouth and chest, and yell in pain. Van Helsing told him said he had nothing and was nothing. Dracula was made inert. A wooden stake was only enough to weaken Dracula and render him virtually powerless. Van Helsing didn't know of the Vampire Killer whip needed to actually destroy the Count. So, he kept him locked away in his own coffin keeping the wooden stake impaled in his chest.

After that night, Van Helsing founded the Hellsing organization, an organization created for the sake of hunting vampires to protect the Royal Family, the Church, and Great Britain.

In 1916, during World War I, a group of rebels who supported the Central Powers, attacked Hellsing Headquarters because the Hellsing organization is meant to protect the Royal Family. They killed most of those in the organization and Van Helsing was cornered. Van Helsing went down to the basement of the headquarters, where Dracula was being imprisoned, and realized he could use Dracula's incredible power to stop them. He released Dracula, and immediately the vampire attacked Van Helsing. Van Helsing offered him, in return for his help, an arcane "surgery" that would give the vampire lord unimaginable power, and said that every day he would get a daily dose of human blood, and since he was protecting Great Britain, he would get to kill many people in the name of protecting the UK, without armies attacking him or any vampire killers interfering. The Count excepted the alliance with Abraham, surprisingly.

Dracula then left the basement and brutally attacked the rebels, horribly butchering all of them, gaining his young form back through liters of their blood, and saved Abraham Van Helsing and his organization, who 21 years ago sealed him away in his coffin. Abraham performed the "surgery" on him with the dark arts. Dracula also surprisingly didn't betray his agreement. Van Helsing still secretly constructed a very small device that when stabbed into the Count would remove all of his souls and remove his ability he was given to reform any part of his body no matter the amount of damage or the weapon(besides the Vampire Killer whip). He created the pointed device in case Dracula ever turned treacherous. 

The name Alucard was the name Adrian Tepes, Dracula's son, used to say he opposed what Dracula did. Now, Abraham gave the Dark Lord the name "Alucard" to signify he was a force for good now and the opposite of his usual causing of genocide and the like.

1943: Before Hellsing: The Dawn

Hellsing ultimate ova 3 bild6


Adolf Hitler, founder of the Nazi party and dictator of Germany, secretly gave Montana Maxwell, the General of his armies, control over a secret operation under the name of the "Millennium organization," and promoted him to Major. He had two other right hand men - "Doc," Dr. Carl Clauberg, and Captain Hans - the very same manbeast that was once called Cornell or Blue Crescent Moon. After Cornell defeated Dracula in 1844 at 17 years old, he knew Dracula would return, and found out about Abraham Van Helsing, the son of Jonah Van Helsing and Tesla Belmont, who had just been born, and knew he was destined to destroy Dracula. Cornell wanted sweet vengeance for the Count's murder of Cornell's sister, Ada, so he studied everything he could and made predictions about his possible next return. Cornell did not know that Dracula never died in the first place because of his absorbing of Cornell's wolf soul, and became Malus until 1852(when Cornell was 25) when he was destroyed. He didn't interfere with Abraham Van Helsing's struggle against Dracula, respecting him being related to the Belmonts. In 1917, now 90 years old, he discovered Dracula had become allied with Van Helsing and joined his new organization. Cornell then knew the only way to get his revenge now was to join the opposing forces that were against Hellsing; the underground organization accepting those of the supernatural. But first in 1941, he made a deal with the Devil himself to give him his werewolf power back, meaning his immortality and his invulnerability against everything except silver. The Devil gave him the

Cornell, now as Captain Hans.

deal in exchange for Cornell's soul. Cornell went under the name "Hans" and joined the Nazi party and was promoted to a Captain in 1943, and revealed that he was a werewolf to Hitler. Hitler signed him into Millenium, and Hans became his main bodyguard.

Through 1941 and 1943, Hans also became a Master Werewolf.

A 14 year old girl named Ahri Astrineff, who was a werewolf artificial creation of Doc with the ability to transform into silver needles, was a homeless thief wandering the streets of Warsaw, Poland. Wandering one night, she heard a scream from a dark alley. She followed the sound and found another thief like her who was but one year younger. This was the thief Walter C. Dollneaz, who wielded none other than the Vampire Killer whip that was magically enhanced by his mother, who was a Belmont. It was now a set of razor sharp wires that can slice through most anything and could be summoned at will whenever the young boy would put on gloves fused with the wires.

Walter had killed the husband of the woman because he wouldn't give Walter their wallet. The two soon met at Walter's "lair" which was an abandoned, crumbling building in the outskirts of Warsaw. Walter told her of when his parents would tell him the story of "The Nightwalker," an ancient vampire who could walk on darkness and the night itself(Hence the name), and how one day he even apparently saw this "Nightwalker." He described it as a cloaked, hundred eyed aristocrat that had thousands of demons at his call. Ahri talked of how she was a huge fan of the book "Dracula" that was written 47 years ago by a man named Bram Stoker. She noted the Nightwalker description somewhat reminded her of the vampire from the book.

Through a series of events(...That I don't remember, it was a roleplay I did about a year ago, not very professional, but), Walter and Ahri found their way into the Hellsing organization. They met with Alucard, in the form of a 14 year old girl for whatever reason, who they soon discovered was once the same Dracula from the novel. Stoker actually compiled actual journal entries and accounts told to him by his friend Abraham Van Helsing before he died, according to Alucard.

After a few months of successful teamwork and operations, Ahri came face to face with Captain Hans. After a somewhat long fight, Ahri was supposedly killed, reduced to blood puddles. Hans left the scene after capturing several of the Jewish for Hitler's concentration camps. Walter soon found out about her "death," and this drove him over the edge. It created a burning hatred in him for Millenium and he was driven insane; more insane than he already was. Ahri, a while after, fully regenerated her body and attempted to contact Walter, but Arthur Hellsing, the grandson of Abraham Van Helsing, refused to let her speak to or see Walter. He explained that with Walter's new rage and thirst for blood due to her death, this could make Walter a very great ally and asset to his organization.

Ahri left, but not without leaving a note under Walter's seat in his helicopter saying she was alive and they would meet again when he was older. However, Arthur found the note first and destroyed it. 

1944: Events of Hellsing: The DawnEdit

Alucard, along with a 14 year old Walter, is sent on a mission to Warsaw, Poland, to stop Millenium's vampire production program. They presumably destroyed the project, but the main architects escaped. In 1969, Alucard was imprisoned in a dungeon under the Hellsing manor by Arthur. According to Sir Hugh Irons, Arthur Hellsing came to believe that Alucard was "too powerful a drug to be used as the occasional medicine."

1998: Events of HellsingEdit

Shortly after Arthur's death in 1978, Alucard was reawakened and resuscitated by Integra Hellsing 's blood. After killing many of Richard Helsing(her uncle)'s men, and wounding Richard, Alucard allows Integra to kill him, thus making Integra head of the Hellsing organization, a master worthy of Alucard's servitude.


Dracula, holding the Jackal, in his new Hellsing outfit(What Abraham Van Helsing wore, minus the shades and fedora)

As the Hellsing organization's most powerful agent, Alucard was sent to a village called Cheddar to exterminate a vampire. While there, he met Seras Victoria , the last survivor of the police force killed by the village vampire. After Alucard killed the vampire, Seras was left mortally wounded, and Alucard offered her immortality. Seras accepted, and Alucard drank from her neck. Integra said she would have someone take care of Seras, but Alucard refused(Integra: "We'll have someone take care of her." *Pause* Alucard: .....No."), wanting her to become part of the Hellsing Organization. 

Seras struggles to cope with the fact that her life as a D-11 officer no longer exists. Her thoughts are interrupted as she and Alucard are deployed with a unit of Hellsing commandos are deployed to track down two vampire teenagers, Lief and Jessica. Alucard killed Lief and Seras dealt away with Jessica. 

Hellsing Intelligence discovered the freak chip being used to create these vampires. A while after, Seras and another Hellsing agent were sent to deal with yet another freak when a bayonet suddenly struck through the Hellsing officer, killing him, then another blade through Seras' neck. Then, the paladin Alexander Anderson made his first appearance to Hellsing. Before Anderson was able to kill the vampire controlling the horde of ghouls, all the ghouls now dead, Alucard appeared and slayed the vampire himself. This is when Alucard and Anderson had their first duel. During their fight, Alucard learned Anderson was a human regenerator. Their battle was short lived however, when Integra interrupted and gave Anderson the Vatican's order to leave the place. Because of this fight, Alucard asked Walter for a new, much more powerful handgun. Walter answered his request with the Jackal and also gifted Seras with the Halconnen.

After Walter found a snuff film online and discovered one of the men who took part in murdering the person featured in the snuff film was a Hellsing officer, Alucard found the headquarters of these snuff film creators and killed a freak vampire in the middle of filming a snuff video. He along with Seras and Integra found the treacherous Hellsing officer and arrested him, and the news reporter named Kim. Integra allowed Alucard to drink her blood instead of letting her be judged by the queen.

Luke Valentine and Yan Valentine then attacked Hellsing headquarters. Yan made all Hellsing members at headquarters into ghouls, save for Commander Peter Fargason, Integra, Walter, and of course Alucard and Seras, them already being vampires. The first hordes of ghouls were taken care of by Walter and Seras, then the ghouls that were once Hellsing officers were all slaughtered by Seras when her inner vampire was released when she was in danger. Then, Yan was shot many times with mercury ignition bullets by Integra, who then tried to get information about his master out of him, but then abruptly burst into flame, laughing madly before he was reduced to ash. After a small match between Alucard and Luke, Luke's legs where shot off by the Jackal when Alucard released Level 1, Alucard disappointed when he realized that he had greatly overestimated Luke. Alucard summoned the black dog who devoured Luke.

Integra hired more officers of Hellsing to fill the wound in Hellsing left by the Valentine brothers' invasion. Enrico Maxwell arranged a meeting with Integra, and she accepted. When they were met, Enrico tried to show his condolences for their great loss, but Integra (apparently on her time of the month) was furious with him for disobeying their treaties when Father Anderson was sent where Alucard was and started a fight. Enrico responded in saying he didn't care how many of her men Anderson killed, and he wouldn't have shed a tear if Anderson killed much more, then called her a sow. Alucard merged from the wall opposite to them, and after a short dialogue on how the Vatican will never change, aimed the Jackal at Maxwell and said he didn't know how he could let Maxwell leave the place alive. Before he pulled the trigger, Maxwell revealed to Alucard and Integra that Anderson was soon to launch an attack on Seras and the other men she was sent on a mission with.

Integra left in frustration, and Alucard told Maxwell "Peter Pan(Alucard) will have to entertain his guest(Anderson) before he gets upset," and left the scene. Right after Anderson had killed the rest of the Hellsing officers, and right before a bayonet thrown by Anderson was going to strike Seras, Alucard appeared and blasted the bayonet to bits with the Jackal. They then had a battle that was put on hold when Alucard was decapitated by Anderson, who began to chase after Seras. But not long thereafter, Alucard regenerated his entire body and materialized from swarms of vampire bats in front of Anderson. He greatly injured Anderson with the Jackal, before Anderson disappeared in a horde of pages of the Bible.

Alucard later on that night gave Integra a prelude of what was to come; he told her Incognito, a vampire nearly as old as Alucard himself, called "The True Undead," was heading to London to attack Hellsing. The very next night, Alucard had his first confrontation with Incognito, but there battle was made transitory when he found Incognito had ordered Laura , the vampire long since in a relationship with Carmilla, now serving under Incognito because her original master (Dracula) was lost, to assassinate Integra. Alucard reappeared at the mansion and blew apart Laura to dust with his gun. Integra had already been bitten by Laura, so Integra slit her neck with a knife saying her blood was poisoned, not wanting to become a vampire.

She was taken to the medical facility of the Hellsing mansion, and during surgery, she had a flashback dream of when she first met Alucard and truly gained control of Hellsing. After her uncle Richard Hellsing, along with his men, cornered Integra into Alucard's cell, Richard missed and shot Integra in the shoulder, her blood spilling all over Alucard's rotting body. Alucard was revived by her blood, and he licked up the rest of her lost blood from the cell floor. He broke free from his restraints and horribly slaughtered and ripped apart Richard's men to bloodied halves and pieces, then tore off Richard's arm.

Alucard cornered Integra against a wall, and when she put a gun against his head, he said the gun was useless against him and told her to be quiet and listen. To which she roared at him that she would not be ordered by a vampire and that was her duty and pride as master of the Hellsing organization. Alucard said she was her father's daughter, and when Richard tried to shoot Integra, Alucard took the impact of the bullet, it doing little to him at all. After he told her the name he used, he allowed Integra to shoot thus killing her uncle. Alucard entered her consciousness, Integra remarked that she was such a child at that time, and Alucard said softly she would always be that same little girl to him, her thanking him. The surgery was successful, and she awoke from the dream, seeing Alucard had left the room. 

That evening, after Seras awoke from a night/daymare, Seras realized where Alucard was and began to enter the room, but saw Alucard and Integra were having an alone moment together, reminiscing. A couple hours later, Integra went down to Alucard's "throne room," his keep in the basement of the mansion. Alucard asked her something he said he'd been wanting to ask her. He asked her if she wanted him to drink her blood (through biting her neck), to mix her blood with his. Integra replied with the question why he couldn't just read her mind. He retorted that he did, but he wanted to hear it from her mouth. After a silent moment, Integra told Alucard of the round table meeting the Queen had arranged. Alucard replied it was too much for her at the moment and that it was bad timing, and she began to leave, and he asked her again if she wanted a taste of his blood, then she continued to walk off, and he chuckled.

This is when Incognito's army of freaks began to assault London. Incognito killed Helena, a vampire physically a child since she was turned by Alucard centuries ago when she was a child, when her life was in danger, and she became a very powerful vampire through the ages. She tried to escape Incognito by crawling out of his stomach, but he cut off her head and left. She gave Seras a goodbye before lighting her own lair on fire. The British military forces suddenly began trying to attack Hellsing, and Walter found a member of the Round Table had given the order to attack Hellsing leading the military officers to believe Hellsing was holding the Queen hostage. When Captain Chris Pickman was cornered by two freaks, Alucard arrived before they were able to touch him and shot them both with the Jackal. Alucard and Pickman together killed many of the freaks, until Pickman was shot in the stomach and was bitten. Pickman told Alucard to kill him as a human so he wouldn't turn into a ghoul, for the sake of Hellsing. Alucard honored his wish and shot him with the Jackal with his last bullet. Alucard placed his hat over Pickman's face as a sign of respect, then Incognito gave him the signal he was ready for battle.

Alucard released control art restriction systems to Level 2 and began their duel. Alucard supposedly defeated Incognito with a shot to Incognito's head with the Casull, and asked for the name of who Incognito was working for. Incognito simply laughed and began slicing Alucard with his energy blades, and Seras arrived at the tower to give Alucard a new round of bullets for the Jackal. Alucard yelled at her to leave, but she was hit by one of Incognito's blades. She bled out on the floor. Alucard was furious and reloaded the Jackal telekinetically and shot Incognito repeatedly in the head.

Incognito stood there for a second in silence, his head gone, but then Incognito sent the holy bullets back at Alucard. Alucard melted into a pool of - oddly thick - blood, and Seras crawled over to his remains. Later, Incognito captured Integra and began using her blood and chanted foreign phrases to summon the god of chaos, Sett. Sett was summoned and began destroying London. Integra ordered Alucard to release control art restriction to Level 1.

Alucard began absorbing all of the blood of the slain freaks at the tower and Pickman's blood, then acknowledged Integra's approval. Alucard was revived and began another battle with Incognito after he fused with Sett. At the end of the battle, Alucard took some of Sett's essence from Incognito and used it to melt the cross into the Jackal, then pulled the trigger. Incognito was revealed to be impaled by a long silver spike, and Incognito asked Alucard who he was. Alucard grinned, before a quick flash of lightning revealed the darkened part of his face. Incognito realized he had betrayed his original master, as Incognito was Count Orlok. He then was impaled by a spike through his bottom and out his mouth.

Walter and Integra were arrested for resisting, but Alucard negotiated with the British police to let them go, and they were freed. Walter hired yet another group of soldiers, a group of mercenaries called the Wild Geese, led by Captain Pip Bernadotte. Alucard, Seras, and Pip were sent to South America on a mission to silence a freak working from there. The night after Alucard checked them into the penthouse of the hotel, a SWAT police force stormed Alucard's room. They all fired away gunning him down, and they started to leave, but Alucard quickly regenerated and slaughtered all of them. Seras questioned why he would horribly kill humans like this, and he lashed out at her saying they came here to kill them and he will slaughter them like cattle, and that not God, the Devil, or her could stop it. She started to cry, and he had a change of heart and calmed down, that it was just the way it is. He was called by Integra and he told her what he did to the SWAT force, and asked Integra for her next orders. Integra said for him to not leave any of them alive, and he took this news with great pleasure.

There were more of the SWAT team waiting for him outside the door, and once they started firing, he began killing them indiscriminately. Many tried to run and go into an elevator, but Alucard hypnotized one of them to keep the elevator from leaving the floor, the men shot the hypnotized officer, and then Alucard killed him and held open the elevator with his guns. "Open sesame...Good work soldiers. Now, goodnight!" he said before gunning them all down, leaving them as nothing but piles of mutilated blood and flesh, then left the elevator, saw more of them, and telekinetically threw them out the door, and impaled them on flagpoles outside, his signature way of killing. Tubalcain Alhambra, the Dandy Man, the freak they were hunting, greeted Alucard out the door, and challenged him to a fight. In the end, Alucard tore apart Tubalcain arm and leg, then bit into his neck with great force. Because of drinking his blood and obtaining his soul, he gained his memories and knowledge, and found out that the very same Millenium group from 1944 had returned. Alucard was ecstatic with this news.

The next night, Alucard was sent to a ship on an SR-71 aircraft to deal with a freak named Rip Van Winkle who had a special magical gun who's bullets could hit any target and multiple targets no matter how many bullets were fired. Rip Van Winkle tried to shoot his aircraft down, but he released Level 1 and shot at the ship, leaving it in a heap of flame, then crash landed, setting his aircraft on fire. He started to come towards Van Winkle, but surviving Nazi freaks started gunning him down and threw a grenade at him. He simply regenerated and brutally killed the freaks, then went after Van Winkle. After she tries to shoot him down with her rifle, Alucard catches one of the bullets in his teeth, and crushes the bullet, then walks slowly towards her. After a slow process of drinking a large amount of Rip's blood, and impaling her with her own rifle, he absorbs her soul.

Later that night, right after midnight, Alucard returns by the ship to a burning London, that underwent the same fate of many of the towns and villages attacked by Dracula's armies before he was owned by Hellsing. Attacked by armies of vampires and the dead made into ghouls, only the vampires were Nazi freak vampires. Upon arrival, Integra ordered Alucard to release Level 0, releasing all of his restraint and power and freeing all the souls he had absorbed and consumed over the centuries, and slaughtered and impaled all of the Millenium Nazis and the Vatican soldiers.

Enrico Maxwell , the Archbishop of the Vatican, now realized Alucard was in fact the Vampire King, Lord of Darkness, the Voivode of Wallachia, Lord Dracula himself. Maxwell was soon killed by Dracula's endless army of ghouls, and Anderson , Dracula's rival, appeared for their final battle. Anderson was killed once he became a Monster of God using Helena's Nail, and Dracula crushed his heart. Walter appeared, now changed into a vampire by Millenium, and eventually Dracula defeated him, changing into the form he took in 1944, which was, oddly enough, a 14 year old girl. The Millenium zeppelin that held the Major inside allowed Integra and Seras' entry. Seras after a battle, killed Captain Hans with a silver tooth, and entered the Major's quarters along with Integra.

Dracula had been absorbing all of the blood of those who died then in London, and as part of the Major's grand plan, Schrodinger slit his throat and fell into the blood Dracula was absorbing. When all of the blood entered Dracula, since Schrodinger had forgotten himself, and Dracula obtains the powers of those he absorbs, Dracula became a "set of imaginary numbers," and vanished, to Integra's horror. 

Integra was shot in the eye by the Major, him remarking "I...finally hit something..." and died after Integra shot him in the head. Integra and Seras left the Zeppelin as it burned down to the ground, Walter dying inside.

They had finally won the war against Millenium and the Nazi party, at the cost of thousands. Those who died (recognizable and not absorbed by Dracula) at the hands of this war not of Iscariot, Millenium, or Hellsing were Helena the vampire, news reporter Kim, detective Harry Anders, and thousands of London citizens. Iscariot were Enrico Maxwell, all Section 13 soldiers, Yumie, and Alexander Anderson. Millenium were all freaks and Nazi vampires, Laura, Incognito, Luke Valentine, Yan Valentine, Zorin Blitz, Doctor Carl Clauberg, Major Montana Maxwell. Hellsing were all original Hellsing officers, Captain Gareth Henderson, Captain Chris Pickman, Commander Peter Fargason, the Wild Geese, Captain Pip Bernadotte, Walter Dollneaz, and Dracula himself.

2009 - 3019: First Continuum (*Ahem* Based off my roleplays in Roblox late 2010 through early 2013)Edit

A mere 11 years later, Lord Dracula was once again resurrected by the forces of darkness, through the "Dark Egg" ritual. It is done by having one who is greatly experienced in the dark arts to gather what matter is left behind of the master they are trying to resurrect. The ritual took many hours, but through patience, it was done. Dracula had returned to the world of the living, though without much at all of his memory due to his absorption of Schrodinger in 1998. Thus, he was just a mindless chaotic murderous vampire. He immediately killed the ones who resurrected him, then transformed into a giant demonic winged beast and left the castle.

He flew all the way to the United States of America, and took up residence in an old run down church some yards away from a town in North Carolina. Some of his intelligence was regained, but again, not too much of his memory. He began killing any humans that walked through the forest at night. He would mercilessly, horribly butcher, slaughter, and rip them apart, leaving insides and blood here and there, then drinking some of the blood scattered about. The police force of the town were never able to trace it back to him, and they never had any suspects. They were left lost and confused, with nothing to save anyone from being butchered in the woods.


Rose Blacksmith, at her first appearance

His memory slowly began to return, and over time, he met a woman named Rose Blacksmith. He soon found he was in love with her, and she reminded him of someone he loved long ago(at the time, he could not remember who it was). He could not tell if she felt the same way about him, though. He also discovered she was half angel, half demon, as her father was a demon named Dusari, who ruled the northern zone of Hell, and her mother was an angel named Saria, who ruled the western zone of Heaven. She introduced him to all the human beauties of the world, and even got the Lord of Darkness to go to amusement parks and ride in roller coasters. 

By early 2012, his brutal nature towards the humans in started to fade because of his love towards Rose. He eventually confessed his love to her. She did not have too much to say. One day, Rose visited an abandoned castle that once was a school for wizards. It was called Hog - something. Dracula followed her to it, but had been having random anger outbursts, and this was one of them. The last words he ever said to her were "GOOD BYE ROSE!!!" and left. Rose disappeared. They never met again.

His brutal nature towards the humans returned, and all of his memory, intelligence, and knowledge of the dark arts was regained completely. He soon had his forces build a dark fortress a few miles away from Newport in North Carolina, which would be his point to begin shrouding America in his darkness. He went back and forth from Romania and the US, only going to the United States on occasion to see how things are going. The ruler of the fortress there was someone who had become a high vampire servant of Dracula, Adolf Hitler himself, who, like him, had been cursed into vampirism by God for what he had done after trying to commit suicide.

One day in Newport, Dracula was wandering through what he had named Cetatea Negru, Black Fortress in Romanian, when he found a late
AnimeVampire original

Venetia as a vampire

teenage girl named Venetia Quagmire, a descendant of Elisabeth (Lisa) Quagmire, the woman he had his first son, Adrian, with. After she tried to fight him, when she was about to die, he made her a vampire. She soon became the new Vampire Queen. By late 2012, she had received the basics of Dracula's powers. They had a son together, but he was soon killed by an ancient demon named Hecho, who was also a servant of Galamoth, one of Dracula's long-time rivals. Venetia ended up being the one to kill him.

Venetia was captured by the forces of Galamoth and taken to the deserts of Southern Africa, where Galamoth has his main palace. She was thrown in a dungeon and tortured for many years by another demonic servant of Galamoth. All of this Dracula did not know. She just vanished in his eyes. He spent many months searching for her and sent out forces to search for her, to no avail. He eventually gave up.

He then, in early 2013, found another late teenage girl named Marceline West, or Kate, who he found in the village of Slatina in Arges, Romania, past the Carpathian Mountains, where Poenari Castle(once Dracula's human residence) is located. The villagers in Slatina offered her as tributes of their loyalty, he accepted and seized her,


taking her back to the dungeons of his castle. He soon made her a vampire as well, and freed her from the dungeon, gradually falling in love with her, as was she. He even offered her a chance to leave the castle, but she felt she was bound to it, so she did not.

She eventually became the new Vampire Queen. In mid-2013, Dracula had engaged in a fight with a demon named "Ankah." After killing him and obtaining his soul, Venetia resurfaced and revealed to him there that she was still "alive" where he had been battling the demon. Kate arrived there from a ship steered by Death, and accidentally ran into Venetia and Dracula. Dracula decided that they would both be queens. Though, Venetia soon vanished once again.

Dracula again began another search, but, again, could not find her. Dracula and Kate later had a son, named Mathias II.

Soon, a man named Julius Belmont, descendant of Simon Belmont, found out that Dracula had returned to the world of the living. In late 2013, he arrived at Dracula's castle, and after a long battle, Dracula was killed. Kate went to Newport back in North Carolina, U.S. and lived there for several years with her son. 

In 2043, Dracula returned. He traveled to America and met with Kate again(with High Servant Gilles de Rais coming with him), but his return was short lived. Frederick Hellsing, the son of Integra Hellsing's cousin, had been teaching a vampire-hunting school there in Newport, unbeknownst to other humans. Dracula ran into Frederick. Dracula expected a battle right away, but Frederick instead introduced Dracula to his class, along with Gilles and Kate. Soon after, though, Frederick challenged Dracula. After a long battle, Frederick implanted a regeneration-stopping chip that was supposed to be used by Integra in case Dracula rebelled. It also stopped his ability to use souls, and this means he was vulnerable to the sun again. The chip did stop his Advanced Regeneration, but he was still able to heal wounds by turning his body or the damaged part of his body into mist and then back, or just using his basic vampiric regeneration. But, Frederick found a way. He threw a silver, holy water-stained cross into Dracula's heart. It burst into flame, as sunrise came. Dracula congratulated for actually killing him without the whip, said another goodbye to Kate and Gilles, then burned away. Gilles went back to the castle he controls, Bran Castle in Brasov, Romania.

Kate lived in that town again for another 10 years with Mathias II. Dracula returned once again, resurrected by Satanic priests inside the Cetatea Negru. He allowed them to join his dark army, as they were highly experienced Devil Forgemasters, and not just bloodthirsty humans who had come across a way to revive him. While there, he found Venetia underground, who had been hiding from the enhanced forces of the Vatican. Dracula told her he could protect her at his castle, but she did not accept, and left. Before he could return to Castle Dracula with Kate, Satan himself burst free from Hell. This day was the day prophesied to be the End of Days. Lucifer wished to challenge his biological son, Dracula. After a long battle, and Satan taking the form of a giant flaming dragon, Dracula defeated Satan, banishing him back to Hell. Dracula returned to Transylvania with Kate.

Some months later, the seal of an ancient god, Ahruhman, ex-god of darkness, was weakening. The location of his seal was deep under Castle Dracula itself, in what was aways simply called the "Forbidden Area," which is locked away tightly and lies beyond an abandoned mine. Dracula had never told this to Kate. Dracula even joined forces with the Catholic Church, that had been keeping the seal intact for all those years. There was a crack in the Light Shield, the force protecting Ahriman's seal. Ahriman's power had fully replenished, so he had begun destroying the seal. Later, Ahriman broke free, destroying a large portion of the castle.

They battled with the help of Death, and Vaati, the Wind Mage, who was millions of years old, from the times of Hyrule, who had recently during Dracula's absence 2 years ago, turned Kate into stone, but her curse was lifted by her son. Dracula, who had been greatly damaged, was revived with Vaati's powers of dark sorcery. Finally, Ahriman knew he was soon to be beaten, but could not accept his fate, and formed a giant ball of darkness to destroy the Earth. The ball was so powerful, however, that it caused a wound in time. So, Aeon, god of time, intervened, and performed a ritual that (to be finished by daeronjamesnumber2)

1999: Second ContinuumEdit

In Heaven, the ancient Ipsum Deum, ZALGO's seal was weakening drastically and it was becoming very dangerous. The seal was even greatly damaged by the reverse in time Dracula wished for on the Triforce. ZALGO was sealed a way by a group of Istari(wizards) millions of years ago, during the times of Middle Earth. Now, merely because of his popularity in internet memes, web comics, videos, and internet creepypastas, the seal was being devastatingly weakened.

Dracula (dressed in the outfit of a red trench coat, a red fedora, yellow rounded sunglasses, and a tuxedo with a red parted tie he usually wore in 1983 - 2014(first continuum)) left Castle Dracula and appeared in Posaga, Alba, Romania. One woman came outside to investigate. When she noticed Dracula, she asked him why he was there and who he was. He explained that he knew this is the place where ZALGO was going to descend to, and that he was the vampire of legend, Dracula.

Finally, ZALGO came down from the sky, as a giant black mass of darkness with seven huge mouths. Dracula took the woman to an old mansion for shelter and told her to stay there, and he went outside as ZALGO appeared before him. He used powerful Wind Magic to throw Zalgo into the sky again, but only temporarily. He took the girl to the castle with him eventually, but where his castle once was, there was nothing but four black pillars and the skies were covered in purple spinning clouds. Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness in the time of Middle Earth, escaped from the Void, the place he was sealed away, with help from ZALGO, and the Devil himself, Lord of Darkness in the Ages of Reconstruction, was also freed from Hell by ZALGO. They all combined with ZALGO to form Malgotan. Malgotan began to use its seventh mouth to sing the song to end the Earth, after they successfully killed the girl and Dracula after a long battle.

Zalgo Invocation

Zalgo Invocation

The song to end the Earth Malgotan's seventh mouth sang.

All of the planets in RELM began to crumble and blacken. The inhabitants of each planet died one by one very rapidly. Suddenly, the Triforce pieces on Dracula's right hand began to glow, and the Crimson Stone unlocked the full extent of the power of each soul Dracula had absorbed over the centuries, and he became Soul Dracula and ripped through Malgotan, and completely destroyed him. All of the inhabitants on each planet's lives were returned, and the planets returned to their normal states. The castle also returned. Dracula soon discovered the girl's name was Marceline West. He cried out in horror, and bit his own wrist, pouring the blood into her mouth, hoping it would revive her. But nothing happened.

Like ages before at his beginning, he wondered why God would let this happen to him, and began a strike on the lands of Romania again.

1999: Events of Castlevania: Dracula's Curse 2Edit

Julius Belmont, direct descendant of Simon Belmont, was on vacation in Romania (his hometown was in the United States) visiting the tomb of his 37th great grandfather, Leon Belmont, paying his respects and reading the plaque telling of how he destroyed the vampire threat Walter Bernhard. The tomb was in the ruins of Warakia, where his ancestors of legend all once made their home. Now, a ruined, vegetation-covered collection of the exterior of buildings made from bricks and stone. Suddenly, a vicious lightning storm began to shroud the village. Julius stood, and sensed a horrible rage from the whip passed down to him by the 4th great grandniece of Simon Belmont(his 14th great grandfather), Tesla Belmont, who gave it to her 6th cousin since her 6th cousin would still have the last name Belmont. Julius sensed a terrible dark aura in the air, and the whip through the rage basically told him that the Lord of Darkness, Count Dracula, was back. So, he headed towards Castle Dracula to continue his ancient family legacy.

Dracula attacked all of Europe and even sent his forces to Africa, Australia, North America and South America. The military forces of these countries were now much more powerful and advanced(or so they believed), and the United States, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, the Catholic Church of Rome, South Korea, and the United Kingdom all banned together to launch a powerful attack on Dracula's forces and the United States was given the job to head directly to Castle Dracula.

Even in using all the military forces they could, they still managed to underestimate their opponent. Hundreds of thousands of millions of people in armies sent were slaughtered without remorse, butchered without a second thought, and made into more UnDead forces such as ghouls, zombies, and skeletons to fight against these new Allies. There was a Forest of the Dead larger than ever before in front of Castle Dracula, thousands impaled on long, sharp silver spikes and thousands made into new black forces. The only one to make it through the onslaught of these vast amount of demons was Julius Belmont and Alucard, who Julius met on his journey. He and Alucard invaded Castle Dracula and reached the castle heights, thus, Dracula. 

After a long, ferocious battle where Julius Belmont unlocked the true power of the Belmont Clan, Dracula was subdued, but not defeated. But, he was weak enough to where his connection to the Crimson Stone was very unstable. Julius had the holy priests of the Hakuba Shrine of Japan seal away Castle Dracula in a Solar Eclipse that was occuring. In doing this, it cut off all connection to the Crimson Stone, and Dracula was made incredibly powerless, and lost all of his souls and his regeneration cycle was destroyed. Julius was left with a concussion from the battle putting him in a coma. Dracula used the remaining dark power he had that didn't require the use of souls to transform into Ultimate Dracula. The attempt was futile, and Alucard finished him off. He took Julius to a hospital, and then left with the Hakuba Shrine to become a member of an underground Japanese government agency, going under the name Genya Arikado, waiting for the next Solar Eclipse.

The war was dubbed the Demon Castle War.

2035: Events of Castlevania: Aria of SorrowEdit

(To me, this counts as part of Dracula's "life" since Soma is technically Dracula) 36 years later, a new Solar Eclipse occured. Soma Cruz, a man born at the exact moment of Dracula's death, was summoned to Castle Dracula, trapped in the Solar Eclipse, because it was looking for a new master, and rendered unconscious. As was Julius, going by "J" because of his memory loss, Alucard, Graham Jones, another person born at the exact moment of Dracula's death, Yoko Belnades, a descendant of 15th century Sypha Belnades brother, Hammer, a member of the military and one of the only survivors of the Demon Castle War, and Mina Hakuba, the daughter of the current head of the Hakuba Shrine, and a lifelong friend of Soma.

After Soma came to, and Genya Arikado explained that they were in Castle Dracula inside the Solar Eclipse, a group of monsters(blindly attacking anything because of the lack of a master), attacked Mina, Genya, and Soma. Genya threw Soma a small dagger, and when Soma destroyed the last monster, he absorbed the monster's soul. Genya said "So, it has awakened..." to Soma's confusion, and Genya explained Soma had the Power of Dominance, the ability to absorb the souls of monsters he killed, but did not explain to Soma that because he just had this power, which was Dracula's most important power given to him by the Crimson Stone, and that he looked 36(meaning he was most likely born in 1999), he must be the reincarnation of Dracula. 

Genya told Soma to find a way out of the castle and the eclipse quickly, but didn't elaborate too well. Thus, Soma began his adventure. Along the way, he met Hammer, Yoko, and Graham. He obtained the souls of all the monsters in the castle, making him very powerful, and defeated Graham after discovering he was trying to become the new Dark Lord, absorbing his dark "soul" as well(because Graham is also a Dracula candidate, he doesn't really have a soul, more of an essence of the very darkness that manifests him, because Dracula was born without a soul being the son of the Devil. Soma also doesn't have a soul of his own, but many other souls due to these events).

Thus, the full power of the Dracula within him was awakened. He was confronted by Julius, who had fully regained his memory, and defeated him, but didn't kill him. Soma asked Julius to promise him that if he truly became the Dark Lord and Dracula, that Julius would destroy him. Julius promised, and Soma entered the Chaos Realm. He obtained the Chaos Ring, and finally, faced Chaos, the very mind of the Crimson Stone and the essence of darkness. Soma destroyed Chaos, and ended the Solar Eclipse, banishing the castle once again.

Soma, Mina, Julius, Genya, Yoko, and Hammer all were taken out of the eclipse and appeared on a tower. Feeling accomplished, they all watched the beautiful eclipse end on the horizon.

2036: Events of Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

But a year later, Soma Cruz and Mina Hakuba talk about the events of 2035, when suddenly a mysterious woman appears named Celia Fortner, a descendant of a member of the original "With Light" cult that resurrected Dracula in 1691, and summons three monsters to attack them. Soma destroys each of them and obtains their souls, his power reawakened.  Celia vanishes after the grim proclamation that she will kill Soma so that she may take his power and revive the Lord of Darkness. Genya informs Soma that he and his subordinates will take care of the situation, but Soma refuses to stay behind and let this unfold. Soma follows Celia to her headquarters, a large "replica" of Dracula's castle near the Appalachians in the United States, some miles away from where Soma began. 

Soma encounters Celia several times throughout his exploration, as well as two men, Dmitrii Blinov, a dark lord candidate who can copy the abilities of his opponents, and Dario Bossi, an arcanist highly adept in Pyromancy, both born at the same time of Dracula's death in 1999, much like Graham Jones, and as such are candidates to recieve the title and power of Dark Lord that Soma currently holds(Soma is Lord of Darkness but uses his powers for good and they slept from the events of 2035 until these events). Dmitrii fights Soma first, and even though Soma did not intend to kill him, Dmitrii dies very suddenly with no explanation. Dmitrii's dark essence enters Soma. Soma later faces Dario, but easily defeats him as well. He however, does not die, and intends to grow to his full power to fight Soma in a second round, but Celia calls him off of Soma and transports Dario and herself to the Castle Keep. 

After Soma uses the "Paranoia" soul to enter the mirror beside Dario once facing him again, he comes face to face with Aguni, the old god of fire, whom Dario fused with in order to make him incredibly powerful. Soma destroys Aguni and gains his soul, then returns to the realm outside of the mirror, and Dario loses all of his power. Celia changes her plan; draw out Dracula's influence in Soma by playing with his emotions. When Soma arrived at the center room of the Garden of Madness, he witnessed Mina Hakuba death at the hands of Celia. He becomes enraged, and his anger allows the power of Chaos and the influence of Dracula to overcome him. After the evil Dark Lord in him is truly awakened, he kills Celia.

Julius and Genya feel the incredible dark shift in Soma's power outside the castle. Julius knows this is the time to fulfill the promise he made to Soma a year ago. Julius leaves the castle grounds to obtain as many hearts as he can and unlock the ability to switch between all the subweapons at once. Genya goes to the Demon Guest House in the room where he met with Soma and unlocks his inner power, transforming into his true likeness, Alucard. Julius returns to the castle and meets with Alucard, then meets with Yoko, reuniting the ancient alliance of clans, the Belmont, the Tepes, and the Belnades, with the exception of a DyNasty. They all travel through each area of the castle, destroying each boss in traditional fashion, then go to the Abyss, and find Soma in a copy of the cult's castle throne room, sitting in his throne; Now, the Vampire King, Dracula's inner power awakened, Dark Lord Soma or "Somacula." Together, with much effort, they destroy Soma, and leave the castle.

They each watch the Castlevania replica crumble in the distance like tradition. They each quietly mourn their friend Soma's turn to the darkness, as they now know Dracula will now return again due to the evil in the hearts of men.

2039: The Return of MilleniumEdit

(For more information and background, see The Return of Millenium )

2 years later, "Soma", mainly Dracula now and taking the appearance of Dracula(in his "Alucard" form), is resurrected by Death along with his castle when Death brought together all the pieces of the Crimson Stone and brought its consciousness alive again, returning the original Castlevania as well in Transylvania. Death explains to Dracula he was resurrected because the Major and all of his accomplices in Millenium had returned because of an unknown man going under the name of "W. Burn Heart" reconstructing the Major and resurrecting those who were not absorbed by Dracula in 1998, this means Doc and Captain Hans. More specifically, he was resurrected to eliminate them again because they were attacking the grounds Dracula's living forces had jurisdiction over.

First, Death materializes on the top of one of the Carpathian Mountains, where Integra Hellsing, now 73 years old (still looking like she did in 1998 except for slight wrinkles in the face), Seras Victoria (now a very powerful vampire), Ahri (the same Ahri that was still living since the years of World War II), Jackie(Jacqueline Worthington, once the leader of a rebellious motorcycle gang), and Alucard (as in Adrian Tepes, Dracula's son), are all struggling to fight against Hans in his full power giant wolf form. They all stop, when they heard the footsteps of boots. Then, the moonlight reveals part of a red trench coat and dress pants; A tuxedo top and a red parted tie, the rest of the trenchcoat; finally, the moonlight finally illuminates the face of Count Mathias Soma Cronqvist Dracula Vlad Tepes. Integra and Seras are very glad to see him after all these years and almost cry in happiness. Alucard smirks slightly and shrugs.

Dracula tells Death to stand back, and charges at Hans, yelling his true name at him and revealing his true name to everyone else - "You! Cornell! BLUE CRESCENT MOON! The one who believed me dead all those years foolish you were. And now, you will face my true power!" - Cornell remarks how he is still as arrogant as he remembered him from 1844, 195 years ago. After a timesome fight, Cornell is destroyed, and Dracula drinks Cornell's blood, then absorbs his soul.

Dracula finds all of his high ranking forces, such as Gilles de Rais, Count Orlock Schiffer, Count Brauner Schiffer, Morrigan Aensland, and Camilla Vilostor, were all greatly injured by Cornell before his resurrection. He orders Death to sacrifice people and use their blood to bring them each back to full strength. So, Death vanishes. The Major lowers his zeppelin to the ground, then Dracula and company enter the zeppelin. Dracula immediately rips him apart, but his remains fly through the ceiling of the zeppelin. Suddenly, the zeppelin explodes, but Dracula protects them all from the explosion with a dark field. The moonlight reveals a much larger "mech" form of the Major.

After much strife trying to defeat his new form, a huge blue beam suddenly slices through the middle of the mecha. Then, a humanoid figure appears in the beam and the beam forms into a giant blue cross. Dracula grins at the sight of this, and what's left behind of the mecha is a ruined, mainly robotic skeletal version of the Major. Dracula crushes the Major's head with his foot, and Julius lands. They settle their natural hate for each other, and form an alliance. Julius had already known the source of Millennium's return; None other than Walter Bernhard, the Vampire King prior to Dracula, wanting revenge against Dracula for tricking him and the Belmonts as well for Leon Belmont destroying him. 

Thus, Dracula, Alucard, Julius, Integra, Seras, Ahri, and Jackie all head to Walter's newly reconstructed castle in southeast Wallachia. They storm his castle, and after 943 years, Dracula comes face to face with the vampire once again. They learn Walter's soul was set free from Dracula's "Soul Bank" when Dracula was destroyed by Julius in 1999. After a surprisingly very long battle, Walter is destroyed with the combined efforts of Julius and Dracula. Dracula obtains Walter's soul again. 

2037 - 2057: InterludeEdit

Dracula returns to his castle in Neamt county of Romania. Jackie asks if she can join Dracula, and Dracula agrees, and she becomes a vampire the next night. Julius is given the title of the head of Hellsing, so he and his descendants can become the next heads of the Hellsing organization, after Integra's death, since she never gave birth to or adopted any children. The Belmonts because they are the closest living relatives of the Hellsings. Julius Belmont prepares to go destroy Dracula, but Integra Hellsing, on her deathbed, tells Julius not to fight Dracula on account of the vampire had not attacked anyone and because Integra really had a deep love for the Count. Over the years, Jackie masters her telekinetic and psychic powers.

Daniel Belmont, Julius' grandson, had a son and a daughter, David Belmont and Juliet Belmont. Juliet becomes the fiancee of Dracula's youngest son that he had with Seras in 2037, whose name is Jackson Tepes. Along the way, Dracula also hires a very powerful blacksmith named, quite frankly, Blacksmith. Some background; In 1967,  when Blacksmith was 11 years old, a man very jealous of the woman he loves' husband attempts to kill their child, whom is Blacksmith, with a random sharp crystal he found. Unfortunately for the man, this crystal fused with Blacksmith's body, mind, and soul, giving him the Power of Dominance much like Dracula, and giving him very great power to begin with. The young Blacksmith lunges at the man and immediately kills him with his newfound power. 


While Dracula sits in his throne in the castle heights with Jackie, Death arrives to show Dracula what is happening outside. All those from Dracula's past had suddenly appeared outside. Dracula swooped down from the balcony and challenged Simon Belmont to a rematch. But, Aeon interrupts their fight and tells Dracula what is happening. Jackie and Death land behind Dracula. Aeon explains that a great wound in the normal flow of time has occured, and every being who has ever entered the castle has arrived in this time period. After explaining he has chosen Dracula to get to the bottom of this, he vanishes, and Dracula and Simon resume their fight. Dracula orders Jackie to battle Golem, a certain Golem that became more intelligent than the normal golem and betrayed Dracula.

Dracula's power was now greater than ever because of Schrodinger's soul and what Van Helsing did to him, so he tore his hand into Simon's chest and the Vampire Killer whip wasn't enough to kill him, and ripped out Simon's heart, leaving him in a pool of his own blood. Then, he began another battle with Maria Renard, who helped,Jack Henry Dappen slay him in (1788 and 1791.) Dracula faces every person that had ever entered Castlevania, and eventually Section to be finished by daeronjamesnumber2


Elisabetha QuincyEdit

For more, see Elisabetha Quincy . Elisabetha was the first wife of Dracula, when he was the human holy knight named Mathias Cronqvist. He and Elisabetha met when he was 11 and she was 16 because she was a thief stealing from his family's castle's treasures. The two fell in love and were married once Mathias was set free from the Ottoman court by Leon Belmont. Elisabetha was the person who caused Mathias to descend into darkness and become Dracula in the first place. If she never died, Mathias would have never become Dracula.

Lisa QuagmireEdit

For more, see Lisa Quagmire.

Lisa was the second wife of Dracula, whom he met in 1461 a year after he returned to Transylvania and began construction on Castle Dracula. They had Adrian Tepes and Maxwell Tepes together, and were married for several years until 1471 when the villagers of Jova arrested and executed her. She is the reason Dracula finally began the war on humanity.


Death is Dracula's closest and most loyal ally. Death became Dracula's servant in 1460 when Dracula gained the Crimson Stone, because Death must be the servant of anyone who wields it. For centuries, Death aided Dracula in his war against the Belmonts and the humans.

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