Victoria Bethany Morris is a fan character that appears in the Castlevania’s Future along with other characters.

History Edit

Victoria was born in the 2070s, and she is the descendent of Jonathan and Charlotte, who defeated Dracula in the 1940s.

Victoria was curious about Dracula’s history and her family’s history, so she studied it. Because she studies a lot, she is very smart and intelligent.

Victoria also helped other descendants of legendary families defeat Dracula, along with her cousin, Anthony Bethel Morris.

Appearance Edit

Victoria has a blonde, Victorian styled hair ( Curvy hair ), and she wears old Victorian styles, especially Light weight jackets. Victoria wears kilts instead of pants, but wears modesty shorts under her skirt to protect her self. Victoria also has a locket that was passed down through the family, and each of the children puts a new photo of their family, and Victoria has a picture of her parents and her uncle and aunt with Anthony, along with Victoria on it.

Abilities Edit

Victoria can use magics, spells, element powers, and many more.

CopyRight Edit

No one can use Victoria Bethany Morris unless you have permission from the author, DebussyLune, and I kindly suggest to ask me if you want to use this character. Thank you. And if you steal, I’LL KILL YOU.

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