'Jack's-Holy Whip t'he Vampire Killer: is the Legendary whip of the Belmonts, infused with the soul of Leon Belmont's beloved, Sara Trantoul. It was originally the Whip of Alchemy, created by Rinaldo Gandolfi, thus meaning he is the weapon's original creator. It has been used by many Belmont's for thousands of years, and in the alternate timeline with Vadriel, it was even used to kill him. However, it was lost in 2050, where it was found years later by one of Julius' descendants...

It is a family that since the ninth century, has fiercely opposed the evil ambitions of Count Dracula and Freddy Krueger. and its components are its sworn enemies more staunch. For this purpose used as the main weapon the sacred whip known as "Jack's-Holy Whip Vampire Killer", which has the power to destroy any Entity in the dark, and also has the power to destroy the Enhity They also use other weapons to fulfill their mission, which, added to their abilities and power, made them formidable enemies of the creatures of darkness.

Cursed Moon[edit | edit source]

The Vampire Killer is the first, and main weapon in the game. It is at first a simple chain whip with no special abilities. However, it can later be upgraded into the:

  • Flame Whip
  • Ice Whip
  • Thunder Whip
  • Wind Whip
  • Stone Whip
  • Holy Whip
  • Abyss Whip
  • Undead Killer

Later, after the last (and only required) upgrade, the Whip becomes a purple leather whip with a spiked ball at the end.

There are two secret upgrades: the Golden Whip, which is only found in the Boss Rush as a reward, and the Final Whip, a shining chain whip engulfed in blue flames.

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