Ultimate Drachaos is the final boss of Melody of Darkness. It is a massive demonic creature, with several parts of the castle fused with it. Its fingers are tipped with metal spikes. Several crystals, as well as castle towers, come out of its back. Its horns are bent and twisted.


Ultimate Drachaos starts out on the ground. It can stomp, grab the player and squeeze them, and spit acid on the ground which erupts into mini-Demonic Megiddos. When Drachaos smashes its fist into the ground, several spikes will erupt. It can also shoot several fireballs. The player must whip grapple onto its hand when it smashes it against the ground, climb up its arm, and jump onto its chest, where they must attack its heart, the clock of the Tower of Gears. It will try to knock them off, however. It has 9000 HP.

Second FormEdit

Drachaos' outer "shell" falls apart, revealing a winged demon. He will fly around the room, sometimes dashing. He has his previous attacks, and can throw a cat, and shoot a red beam, as well as stop time. He has 12000 HP, and the theme for both forms is Crucial Moment.

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