The Tower of Despair is a secret area, with 60 floors (62 counting the final floors). Bosses are in every 5 floors.


  • 1F - 10F: Coliseum - The room in which the Hunter Demon is fought. Gray-colored, with chairs surrounding the room and blue candles.
  • 11F - 20F: Fire Realm - Looks like the Fire Elemental's room from Lament of Innocence, but the platform is bigger. Flame surrounds the platform.
  • 21F - 30F: Frost Realm - Looks like the Frost Elemental's room from Lament of Innocence, but the platform is bigger. The sky is white, and ice-covered mountains are in the background.
  • 31F - 40F: Thunder Realm - Looks like the Thunder Elemental's room from Lament of Innocence, but the platform is bigger. The sky is dark blue and stormy.
  • 41F - 50F: Dark Realm - The platform is white and featureless, and the background is black, with a few giant skulls in the background.
  • 51F - 60F: Tartarus - The room looks just like Death's room in Lament of Innocence.
  • Finale - The platform remains the same as in Tartarus, but the background is purple, aqua, and dark green, with a core of golden chaos, surrounded by dark purple and black.


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  • 5F - Hunter Demon
  • 10F - Olrox
  • 15F - Blackmore
  • 20F - Devil
  • 25F - Galamoth
  • 30F - Demon Lord
  • 35F - Final Guard
  • 40F - Death
  • 45F - Dracula
  • 50F - Chaos Knight
  • 55F - Chaos
  • 58F - Omega
  • 59F - Vadriel
  • 60F - Omega Vadriel
  • 60F - Dread King of Bane
  • Finale - Darkness
  • Finale Part 2 - Giga Nightmare

Melody of DarknessEdit

The tower is a secret area once more. However, instead of housing the game's bosses, it houses exclusive bosses every 10 floors. Once more, it has 60 floors (61 counting the final floor).


  • 1F - 10F: Mountain - A basic mountainous area, the playable part of the level is a flat area. The background has a steep cliff and orange sky.
  • 11F - 20F: Lava Springs - The platform is brown and scorched, with only jagged rocks blocking a fall to death. In the background, volcanoes and lava falls can be seen. The sky is red.
  • 21F - 30F: Frozen Death - A high-up, frozen platform is the playable area. In the background, shards of ice and mountains can be seen in the background. The sky is blue.
  • 31F - 40F: Thunder Zone - The platform is simply pure energy. Looking up will reveal a dark blue sky, lightning bolts and rain dropping from the sky.
  • 41F - 50F: Cursed Shadows - Looks exactly like Dark Realm in Battle of Legends.
  • 51F - 60F: Underworld Garden - A beautiful garden, filled with deadly, poisonous plants. Small cracks in the wall reveal bits of red sky.
  • Game Over - A platform is covered with glowing red cracks, several spikes coming out of the sides of the platform. The sky is purple-aqua, the only features being floating parts of the destroyed castle and some floating bloody skulls.


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