The Merchant is a mysterious character in Melody of Darkness. He usually wears a hat and a hood. Oddly, he can be found anywhere in a Merchant room, and sometimes his shadow can be seen. He is always seen with his cat. It is unknown how he obtained so many weapons, but he is more powerful than any opponent due to his endless arsenal. He also sells items not usable in-game, but can be seen at his shop.

Tower of DespairEdit

The Merchant is the final boss of the Tower of Despair, and the hardest boss in Melody of Darkness.


The Merchant is extremely fast, and can dash across the battlefield in a millisecond. He can use a powerful version of the Vampire Killer, as well as a shotgun, and a gatling gun. If he takes off his hat, he will either throw out bombs or heal himself with a potion. He also possesses power over Glyphs, and can cast Ignis, Grando, and/or Fulgur. When near defeat, he may also use the Power of Dominance, in which case - Hellfire, Skeleton soul (tosses several bones at once), and Succubus soul, where he steals life. He has 9999 HP in this form.

Second FormEdit

The Merchant's cloak falls off, revealing a white and black skeletal demon with his skeleton outside of his body itself, a spiked spine, twisted horns, sharp fingers, and a cape made of demon bones and soaked with devil blood. He can throw skull bombs, fly off of the screen and either summon Victory Armors or throw the rubble in the background at the player. He also has the attacks of his previous form, but much more powerful. He has 12000 HP in this form.

Final FormEdit

Coming Soon

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