Simon Belmont is the most well known Belmont in his family. He was worshipped and vanquished Dracula for the sixth time. He lived on for a legend for his time, and is the grandfather of Juste Belmont, who wishes to take his father's place. Simon had a great rivalry ship with Dracula, and was nearly killed by him. (twice) He defeated him twice, before giving up the whip to his son, Arc Belmont.


Simon in Judgement.

Early LifeEdit

Simon Belmont was born by Claire Bushe. When he was only 10 months old, his mother was killed by a werewolf and scratched his arm. When he was 8, Dracula terrorized the land. Desperate, his father, Desmond Belmont, sent him to schools to train. When Simon was twenty, he graduated and set out. It was a tough journey, but Simon entered Dracula's castle and came out alive.

Second attackEdit

When Dracula struck again, Simon, now proper prepared, set out once more. He defeated Dracula again, but Dracula had a trick. He transformed into a giant devil. When he was destroyed again, he took the castle with him. Simon was injured and thought to be dead, but he awoke at the last second. Praised a hero, his spouse gave birth to Arc Belmont, and Simon passed his title to him.

Rebirth of EvilEdit

A small, pixel Simon appeared as a bonus boss. His theme is the 8-bit Vampire Killer. He had the whip and all of the original sub-weapons for attacks. He had 6000 HP.

In Judgement 2DEdit

Simon was caught in the time rift. He met Aeon, who told him of a great danger threatening man. Simon was to go through 13 trials. Simon comes across Dracula in the middle of nowhere. Simon managed to defeat him again, and moved on. Simon came across his moral ancestor, Trevor Belmont. Trevor explained what he had been through, and Simon did the same. They decided who would destroy the Time Reaper in a fight, and Simon emerged victorious. Simon destroyed the Time Reaper, and was returned to his respective era.

in gates of hellEdit

he is working along with alucard to defeat dracula, but then after they defeat him the try to stop the orginization.


  • CHOSEN BY PLAYER: You want to know the power of a Belmont?
  • Very well. Who shall I fight?
  • I am the Chosen One.
  • BEFORE BATTLE: See the Vampire Killer Whip in action!
  • TO AEON: Time is only a minor setback. Lets go.
  • TO DEATH: Minion of Dracula, your time is up!
  • TO DRACULA: My old enemy. Have you forgotten the power of the Vampire Killer?
  • TO TIME REAPER: What the!?!
  • AFTER BATTLE TO ALL: You know the power of legend.
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