Rusalka is the enemy of Shanoa. She was defeated by Shanoa in Somnus Reef. Thought to be dead, Shanoa gave Rusalka no second thought. Rusalka was reborn through water, and dominated a large group of Dracula's minions. She set out to get revenge. Rulsalka was the main antagonist in the game named after her, Castlevania: Rusalka's Revenge. When she fought Shanoa in combat, she put up a great fight, but Shanoa defeated her once more.


Rusalka is the eight and final boss in Rulsalka's Revenge. She can use the Lizard Tail to slide, cause icicles to fall, whip you with her hair, use Umbra and Vol Umbra, and use both Grando and Vol Grando. As a desparate attack, she can use her arms as a water cannon that spreads across the entire stadium, dealing massive damage is it hits. The only true way to avoid it is to go next to Rusalka and duck. She can also use a water version of Demonic Meggido, which can be prevented with Spirit Walk. Rusalka has 6500 HP. It is wise to use Vol Fulgur and Vol Ignis, as she is weak to it. (Edged weapons do no longer deal so much damage) Keep slashing at her until she turns into ice, and explodes.

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