The Reptilicus is a amphibian like reptile that lurks under the rivers of the Netherworld, overcoming any being unfortunate enough to come in its path. It's primary weapon is an electric whip, and its element is electricity. It is a villain in the unnamed fan game, and a playable character in Rite of Blood. One specific Reptilicus is named Reptilico, and it is the most powerful of it's kind.

Castlevania: Special EditionEdit


The spritesheet

The Reptilicus is an enemy near the end of the game. One specific Reptilicus is a boss. It can lash its whip, or throw it's electric cross. It's sprite is a modified version of the giant merman from Hod, and it is based off the enemy from Metroid Prime 3. The enemy version can only lash its whip, while the boss can also throw an electric cross and summon electric beams (not shown in spritesheet).

In Rite of BloodEdit

The Reptilicus seems to have survived its early encounter, and is a playable character in Rite of Blood, a possible upcoming fan game. Not much is known about his role though.

Melody of DarknessEdit

A Reptilicus is the sixth boss in Melody of Darkness' Tower of Despair.


The Reptilicus can perform a roll attack, as well as spit acid on the ground and teleport. He can also use a thunder whip, and use electric holy water, daggers, and crosses. Late in the battle, he can stomp on the ground, causing rubble to fall, and cast a small Electric Megiddo. He has 7000 HP.

Reptilicus X-5ZOEdit

Reptilicus X-5ZO, (possibly Reptilico joining forces with the team) is a member of Jason`s team in Despairing Souls. He get`s hypnotized by Omega and is the eighth boss in Despairing Souls.


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  • Reptilicus is based off the enemy from Metroid Prime 3.
  • An unused attack in the unnamed fan game is when the Reptilicus summons many electric beams from the ground. It was cut for unknown reasons.
  • Jason`s team and their fate is based off of the Team from Metroid Prime 3. Reptilicus X-5ZO is based off of Gandraya due to being super fast and possessing the ability to shapeshift.
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