Percival Belmont


Role High school Student, Vampire Hunter
Age Date of Birth: August 4th 2260

Date of Death: Unknown

First Appearance Castlevania: Revelation of Calamity
Weapon(s) of Choice Magnus Luce and Magnus Umbra (Pair Of Pistols)
Special Abilities Hawk Eye (Allows Absolute perfect Accuracy)


Theme Music Shiver by The GazettE
 The young man who was armed with the whip of legend and a pair of holy pistols. With the help of his best friend finally destroyed Dracula for eternity.

- Description

Description  ulluddd

A young man born into the Belmont Clan who is second-born to Constantine Belmont And Eviana Belmont  his older brother Albert received The Vampire Killer and since he was also a Vampire Hunter and a lot younger his father gave him a pair of Magical Pistols named Magnus Luce and Magnus Umbrah. When his brother died Dracula had Death take the whip when Percival finally defeated him he took his brothers whip back he is best friends with Bargiest the Full Moon Devil Dog

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