Omega Reborn is the true final boss in Brotherhood.

Omega Reborn final form.


Omega takes the form of a giant devil. He can breath lasers, slash with his claws, smash the ground to create a shockwave, or lunge at you with his jaws. He also can use Demonic Meggido, which can be prevented with the Death Ring. After his HP lowers down, he breaths massive fire balls, can summon meteor storms, and leaps out of view and shoots lightning. He has 9999 HP.

Second FormEdit

Omega Reborn will float in the background, much bigger than before. He resembles nothing as his previous form, with giant red wings, a multitude of arms, and his eye in the middle. He will punch you, breath lasers or fire balls, throws fireballs, or tries to impale you with his horn. He can also go to the side and try to blow you off. He can charge into the stadium, which is your chance to attack him. He can summon enemies, breath fire, or throw a white orb. As a last ditch attack, he uses a giant laser which slowly cuts off the stadium, and you have to defeat him before the stadium is destroyed. He has 12000 HP.


Omega fades away into darkness, dying, but not for good. Omega was revived, and he swears revenge for the very cursed day he met Jason. Omega explodes, and Jason hardly escapes the crumbling stadium and the massive explosion. After, Omega's spirit escapes, carrying master plans to see if he can revive his brother...

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