Olrox first appeared in the late 1700s, where he challenged Alucard. He was badly defeated, but escaped. Later, he returned, and took over the castle in 2037, only to be defeated by Curtis Lang (assumed). Hundreds of years later, he returned once more, and took over the castle again. He was defeated by Abel Belmont, and killed by Death, who learned his presence was preventing Dracula's return.


Olrox quickly teleports around the room, while performing one of three attacks: 4 purple soul pillars, a dagger throw, or summoning a swarm of bats. Later, when he is low on health, he will continuously summon floating skulls to track down the player. His theme is Death Ballad, and he has 666 HP.

Second FormEdit

After defeat, Olrox will transform into a large, green demon. This new form can hop around the room quickly, while slashing at the player and breathing streams of fire at them. Later, the streams stretch wider and become more powerful. His theme remains the same, and he has 1100 HP.

In Battle of LegendsEdit

Olrox is the second boss in Battle of Legends as a spirit. His attacks remain the same, but now he has a double cross attack as well. He has 666 HP.

End of DaysEdit

Olrox is now stuck in his demon form, and can hop around the room, shooting fireballs, summoning flame pillars, summoning bats, and summoning ghosts. Later, he can shoot lasers and poison mist. He is the eighth boss, and his theme is Melancholy Joachim. He has 5400 HP.

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