The Netherworld Castle is a twisted version of the normal castle, in the deepest levels of the Netherworld. There is a mini-level, called Tartarus, which houses the final boss. It is the tenth and final level.


  • Bat
  • Blood Skeleton
  • Nova Skeleton
  • Golden Bones
  • Demon Lord
  • Devil
  • Armor Knight
  • Final Guard


  • Vadriel & Omega
  • Omega Vadriel (a combination of the two)
  • Dread King of Bane (a combination of Dracula, Death, Olrox, Blackmore, Galamoth, Devil, Demon Lord, Chaos, and Omega Vadriel)

Requiem of AgonyEdit

The thirteenth level. It is once more in use, and it now replaces the Underworld Garden. The theme is Dracula's Castle (Curse of Darkness).


Name HP Element
Demon Lord 2000 Darkness, Fire
Dracula Mirage 667 Darkness
Erinys 830 Darkness, Fire
Devil 2800 None
Slogra 1000 Darkness
Gaibon 1000 Fire
Bloody Malphas 1200 Darkness
Final Guard 1900 None

Linked LevelsEdit

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