Mortus is Vadriel's only full brother. Not much is known about him. He is at least 12 feet tall, and has twisted horns and a glowing gauntlet.

Requiem of AgonyEdit

Mortus is one of the antagonists. He allied with Omega to resurrect Vadriel. However, he had different intentions...

Meeting with Jason SteeleEdit

Mortus met Steele in the Clock Tower, where he explained his plan. At first, he took the guise of Arctus, to hold Jason back while Vadriel was being resurrected. After Vadriel was reborn, he took the guise of Shadow, to help him. Being an Ultimate Being, Mortus could absorb the powers of those he killed. Knowing he could not kill Omega and Vadriel alone, he helped Steele in his quest, so right before Jason left a finishing blow, Mortus could kill them and absorb both their powers. But he had a better idea: to kill Jason and absorb his abilities.


Mortus wields a massive sword. He can swipe with it, spawn several shadowy fireballs, jump, creating a shockwave, and throw pieces of the ceiling. Later, he can shoot a shadow beam, create mirages of himself, and punch with his gauntlet. He has 4500 HP, and his theme is Followers of Darkness -The Third-. He is the eleventh boss.


Mortus was defeated. Before Jason could kill him, he was incapacitated by a glyph. Vadriel and Omega both appeared. They explained their suspicion of Mortus, and spied on him. After realizing his plan, they planned to kill him. Vadriel kills him, absorbing half of his power and giving the other half to Omega.

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