Mathias as the Dark Lord before becoming Dracula.

Mathias Cronqvist the Wise was a Tactitian of war who was a close friend of Leon Belmont and a talented Alchemist. Feeling Betrayed by God after the passing of his first wife, Elisabetha Cronqvist, Mathias convinced the dark vampire Walter Bernhard to kidnap and bite Leon's beloved, Sara Trantoul, and convinced Leon to pursue Walter. As Leon battled Walter, Mathias stole the Crimson Stone, causing Walter's own minions to turn against him. After Sara's death and the creation of the Vampire Killer Whip, Leon swore that the Belmont family would forever hunt and pursue Mathias. For sixteen years, Mathias presided over the village of Wallachia with an Iron fist, and gained an uneasy ally through Leon's youngest child, Sala Belmont, who was envious for being passed over for posession of the Vampire Killer. Mathias taught Sala black magic and forbidden arts, transforming him into a Vampire. A month later, Mathias's forces were attacked by Leon's daughter and the true heir of the Vampire killer, Sonia Belmont. Out of fear, Mathias sent Sala to do battle with Sonia, promising him the whip in exchange for Sonia's soul (though in reality he more than likely planned to destroy it). As Sala lay dying after being defeated by Sonia, he realized Mathias never even expected him to survive and attacked him. Critically injured, Mathias leaped off the castle's tower as Death engaged Sonia in combat, distracting her. Limping back to Wallachia, Mathias was healed and cast away his former identity, stating "Mathias Cronqvist has died today. DRACULA IS BORN!"
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