The Master Skeleton is one of the most elite of all Skeletons, as well as the fifth boss in Rebirth of Evil. While it resembles a normal one, it possesses several more abilities.


The Master Skeleton is much faster than the normal Skeleton, with the power to hop around as well. It can also use a bone whip, and a thin sword. Later in the battle, the skeleton can throw multiple bones at the player, as well as a long spear attack. He can also use the Nova Skeleton's chest beam. He has 3000 HP, and drops the Azure Orb. His theme is Piercing Silence.

Rite of BloodEdit

Master Skeleton
RoB Master Skeleton
Description A skeleton skilled with weapons.
Hit Points 1890
Location Grave of Despair

The first boss in Rite of Blood. He has 5 attacks.

  1. He will use a thin sword, which will then shoot out magic bolts.
  2. He will block attacks with a shield.
  3. He throws a larger sword.
  4. He uses a long, forked spear.
  5. He uses a quick, v-shaped blade attached to a chain.