Mary Belmont is the main protagonist and female lead in Castlevania: Bloodstained Glass Of Eternity (Born 2065). Considered an antiheroine as she dismembers enemies with critical attacks.

... She is the 18-year old Vampire Hunter in upcoming Coronavirus Inflenza Pandemic that ravaged Earth, causing millions to die. She contacted Ebola Coronavirus Influenza, a lethality rate of 50-80% and r0 of 12-18 people. However, she survived and was given radioactive abilities thanks to radiation because she recovered too fast as a dhampir. However, she has mystical abilities to throw subweapons. Her flaw is the viral corruption to see phemonenon of Dracula Virus.

Story Edit

  • Daughter of a Belmont clan. When she was born to a vampire mother Serana and human father, Jacob Belmont in midst of global pandemic. War came. Years later, she contacted HIV-Coronavirus-Ebola-Inflenza at the same time. She needs to find her half brother Chuck belmont and her missing half-sister Anne Belmont. Reason is her half-brother succumbs to the disease and petrifies into crystal and is raised to life as a zombie he could no longer remember her. She had time mentioning the late step-mother Mina Belmont. As she explores the village and finds Father Thomas. He tells her what to start a mission and quest. She finds out that Abel and his twin sister Jezebel are possessed by Goddess Death. Mary pursues her into deeper castle. She seeks a tall man with muscular figure (like Reinhardt's), Saul who wields big hammer and he gives her his stern stare, telling that she is a curse of the pandemic. Here, she meets Eva Morris, a close friend, introduces a lovely intro to her. However, she is taken hostage by pagan Goddess Death.

Appearance/Design Edit

Her design is loosely based on Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night, Shanoa/Maria Renard/Richter Belmont in Castlevania Franchise. She was originally slated to be a human but changed into a dhampir with white with long braids like Sonia's but with bangs like Shanoa's. She wields a new-generation Belmonth gunblade-whip. She uses her traditional subweapons that cost hearts. Also, she attacks enemies with charged attacks consuming MP... She is given her nickname "Lady Alucard" or Anilucard. She can change her looks: the hairstyle in salon chapel, just like in Bloodstained: ROTN, to change her looks from pixie cut, long hair (with or without bangs), Saiyan-like spiked wild, pigtails (long to short), ponytail (long to short), Dreadlocks (short and long), buns (one or two), afro (small or big), Page Boy 80s, layered bob, mohawk, to long braids, pompadour; She can get DLC hairstyles [Lady DMC Hairstyle, Soma Cruz Hairstyle, Miriam Hairstyle] . She can change her head appearance by wearing hats, eye wear. However, she cannot change her hair color.

Abilities Edit

Apart from only just Vampire Killer insticts, Mary Belmont can also air-dash (by pressing Circle button in PS), and cling into wall like in Megaman X games, after getting a special soul abilities. Also, she can spin dash by holding down button and pressing X button repeatedly or holding it and she can roll in them; however she can be damaged unless she gets special soul. She is a soulsearcher like Soma Cruz's. She can equip swords, daggers, whips, guns in some sort. She uses soul abilities like Soma's (Red Soul is Up + Square, Green Soul is Square, Blue Soul is R1, Purple Soul is R2, Orange Soul is Hold Square)


  • Mary has an acrobat-like skills like in Megaman X games, for example, if she has super jump with that can stick to ceiling for a limited time, press Circle Button to dash to avoid spikes.
  • Mary can spin dash by holding Down Button, pressing X button repeatedly (and also holding X button before releasing), she can roll into acrobatic pace.


  • Soul Searching: Mary can gain souls from defeated enemies.
  • Soul Powers:

Etymology Edit

  • Mary shares the namesake Virgin Mary. It is derived from Hebrew name of girls.
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