Malphas is the ninth boss Abel encounters.


Malphas flies throughout the room while summoning crows; he can also shoot a black sphere of darkness. Later, he usually stays near the ground. When on ground, he can teleport, and his sphere attack becomes 5 spheres. He can also jump into the air and either throw feathers at Abel or summon several crows. His theme is Death Ballad, and he has 2000 HP.

Melody of DarknessEdit

Malphas first appears in the Castle Courtyard, taunting Allen Belmont, the main character. He later appears as the second boss.


Malphas stays on ground at first, occasionally faking flying to drop down and create a shockwave. On ground, he has two daggers in the shape of feathers. He will attack with these at close range, and can shoot black feathers and 1 shadow sphere. After damaged enough, he flies often, with all of his previous attacks as well as a crow summon (there are 5 spheres now and he can throw his daggers). He will occasionally land. His theme is Bloody Tears, and he has 2300 HP. He is killed by Death after he is defeated.