Not to be confused with Malldus, Dracula's first vanquisher.

Maldus is a human. He met Vadriel when he was young. Sensing that he had extraordinary powers, Vadriel did not kill him, but taught him the dark arts. Later, Maldus grew a hatred of humans, and shunned the humanity inside of him, becoming engulfed in darkness. When Vadriel was killed, Maldus vowed to revive his master somehow.

He first resurrected the castle and lured Jacen Belmont into it. Then, he sent demon minions out to kill him, intending to use his blood to resurrect Vadriel. He did so, but, having no host, Vadriel was not fully resurrected. He then attempted to kill Jacen and use his body as a host. Maldus appears several times throughout the game.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Maldus is very athletic, and will do several physical feats. He will dodge attacks, and toss poison daggers. He can also use his magic gauntlets. When he glows red, flame glyphs will appear on the ground, and erupt in flame seconds later. When he glows blue, a blue glyph will appear beneath the player, and erupt in sharp icicles. When he glows yellow, lightning will erupt quickly from his gauntlet, and must be guarded or dodged. When he glows dark blue and red, he will laugh and dash towards the player. If he makes contact while glowing blue and red, he will steal some of their life. His final attack happens out of nowhere. He swiftly slashes his sword and a grey orb will appear, going straight. He has 8000 HP. His theme is Insane Aristocracy.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After Vadriel was defeated, the Dark Realm began to fall apart, but Jacen, Maldus and Vadriel all survived. Jacen fell unconscious, and when he awoke, he discovered that they were at the top of the Tymeo Mountains. Instead of attempting to kill Jacen, Vadriel killed Maldus, and used his body as a host.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "What irony it would be for my master to be revived in his arch-enemy's body..."
  • BEFORE BATTLE: "Now, Belmont, you die!"
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