Legion is the seventh boss in Rebirth of Evil.


Legion will simply follow the player, while dropping zombies on them. After its outer shell is destroyed, a core with 8 tentacles emerges, that can shoot beams or fire. Legion has 5000 HP, and drops the Ruby Orb. His theme is Legion and Nuculais.

Cursed MoonEdit

Legion is, once more, the seventh boss in Cursed Moon. However, instead of a ball of zombies, it is a pile of zombies made to form a humanoid being.


Legion will charge around the room aimlessly. After a while, it will toss ghouls at the player. When it closes its eyes, it will cause ghouls to come from the ground. Later, it can grab gravestones and toss them, as well as shoot a chest beam. Its theme is Resonance of Malevolent Souls, and it has 6200 HP.

Aria of Sorrow RemadeEdit

The Legion is the eighth boss. He is the same, music and HP, as in Rebirth of Evil, and thus, his attacks are the same.