Not to be confused with Alucard.

Kid Dracula (real name Adrian) is the first son of Dracula. He is in charge whenever his dad goes out. Adrian has a large group of Dracula's minions himself: however, he was never the Dark Lord and has never fought any Belmont. He is known for protecting the Crimson Stone from Galamoth twice.

Battle with GalamothEdit

When Galamoth escaped from the Netherworld, he did so at the most right time. Or so it seems. Dracula was out for battle, and Adrian was left to defend. Galamoth challenged Adrian, and he agreed. The next morning, Adrian fought Galamoth with relative ease. He managed to defeat Galamoth. Galamoth managed to stand for one more day before giving in and being sealed back into the underworld. Adrian was praised a hero.

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