Role Seconed Main Antagonist
Age 16
First Appearance Castlevania: Gates of @#!*% (in fanon)
Weapon(s) of Choice Mind Dice
Special Abilities Mind Controll, dark magic, summoning.
Theme Music comeing soon

keirain is a servent of Malachi and prominent member in the orginization.


keirain is a rather childish character, as in the fact that he wants to end humanity because he's been through pain caused by humans. he belives that the orginization will bring peace to all the ritious and the survivors.


keirain has red hair and blue eyes. he is 5'10 and weighs 105lbs.


keirain can use grey magic(betwean white and black magic) to fly and summon monsters. he has special mind dice to do so. the # the dice lands on, the stronger the monster(6=weak & 1 or mind eye=powerfull).

  • note-will never roll a one in battle, only while spawning another boss.

battle patternsEdit

while fighting, he will walk all around the screan, not following its layout. he will, once out of reach, roll his die and randomly summon a monster. once you defeat the monster, he will fall and you can attack him.


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