Julius Belmont was the Belmont who killed Dracula once and for all. He is also the father of Joni Belmont.

Early lifeEdit

Julius was born in 1980. He was trained by his father to fight demons at age 15, but on his 18th birthday, his father was killed by dark warriors. Julius vowed he would have revenge on all creatures of evil.

Battle of 1999Edit

At age 19, Julius met Alucard, Saint Germain, and Mina's father, and they helped lead the human army against Dracula's dark forces. The four made it into Dracula's chambers, where Julius struck the final blow and Mina's father sealed Dracula away. Julius left the Vampire Killer in the castle.

Lost MemoryEdit

See the Castlevania wiki for information

Dracula's ReturnEdit

In an alternate timeline, when Celia killed "Mina", Soma neglected to wear Mina's Talisman, and gave in to his dark side, transforming him into Dracula. Julius re-entered the transformed castle, but was unable to find any of his allies.

Aria of Sorrow RemadeEdit

Julius is the eleventh boss in Aria of Sorrow Remade. He will run around, using his whip and using his phantom backdash. He also has a flaming kick, and a green whip attack. He has 3000 HP in this phase.

Second PhaseEdit

Julius starts this phase by unleashing the grand cross which pulls you into it. He will then gain his other sub-weapons: the cross boomerang, axe, dagger, and holy water. He has the attacks of his previous form, but his whip is yellow now. He has 3000 HP in this phase, meaning 6000 HP in all.


Julius' Doppelganger is the tenth boss in Julius mode. The only difference is his name.

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