Ivan Kischine is a main character in Melody of Darkness. He is a descendant of Maxim, and a former friend of Allen Belmont. He trained to become a Vampire Hunter, but it seemed Allen always was better. He grew jealous and was corrupted by Dracula's power, and vowed to find power by resurrecting the castle. He is related to the Belmont family somehow.

Working with DeathEdit

Ivan made an alliance with Death. He would help Death, and Death would give him more power - at the price of Ivan Kischine's soul. This was to further Dracula's control over his body.


Ivan is the fourth boss. He can use Maxim's sword, and is very agile. When he jumps over the player's head, he will toss mines which explode after touching the ground. He can also toss daggers, teleport, and shoot from his pistol. He has 4100 HP, and his theme is Duet of Madness. After being defeated, he flees.

Second BattleEdit

Ivan has all of the same attacks, and can backflip and shoot triple fireballs as well. He now has 6000 HP.

After DefeatEdit

What happens depends on if Dracula's relics have been found or not. If not all are found, Ivan dies and Allen escapes the Castle. If all are found, Dracula's spirit is expelled from Ivan's body, and flees to the Forsaken Cloister. Ivan apologizes to Allen Belmont, and gives him the key to the Forsaken Cloister.

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