Ivan is an ally of Abel Belmont, one of Julius' descendants. He sets up several shops all around the castle, and aids Abel - for a price. Later, he turns out to be Death, with another plan to revive Dracula.


Death is fought right after Olrox, the new Lord of the Castle. Death has his old mini-scythe attack, as well as his scythe. He can throw the scythe at the player, dealing massive damage. He can also rain 6 blue fireballs around himself, as well as three large scythe tips that rotate around him. Later in the battle, he gains an electric sphere that tracks the player. His theme is Dark Symphonic Poem/Demonic Symphony Poem, and he has 2000 HP.

Second FormEdit

Death takes the form he took in Symphony, except more powerful. He can create 4 blue pillars from the ground, and throw his scythes at the player, which will come back to him, dealing double damage if you do not move. He can also slow down the player, and use a purple, upgraded version of his fire rain attack. His theme is The Dark Holy Man, and he has 2444 HP.