Hitomi Belmont
Role Vampire Huntress
Age 14(Dracula Z)

15(Dracula Z2)
16(Dracula Z Chronicles)
17(Judgment Reulation Z)

First Appearance 2007:Castlevania:Dracula Z

2008:Castlevania:Dracula Z2
2009:Castlevania: The Dracula Z Chronicles 2010:Castlevania: Judgment X

Weapon(s) of Choice Staff with a caged owl,subweapons
Special Abilities Burning Mode
Theme Music [1]Fight(Stage 1-12),[2]Colors(Stage 13-Final Stage)
In Dracula Z Chronicles,if you Fail to save her,she will turn into a lady bat,same appearance as a succubus in lament of innocence.Her seiyu is Yukana while Kate Higgins in the English Dub.She does not use the vampire killer whip,instead,she uses A staff with a caged Owl or throwing owls.

"If i'm Going to hell,you come with me!"

- Hitomi after Battle in Castlevania: Judgment X.




Distant Relative

Father or Grandfather


She is a Cheeky Girl,Who knows how to use the Vampire Killer whip.She always know what to Say.She is a 1st Junior Year High School Student,After her Gradutation,She went to Dracula's Castle With Richter, Luna Starkies and Maria Renard.


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(To Dracula:)"I will not Give Up!"

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is also Called Stellar Belmont.
  • If someone succeded saving her, the Lady bat will be Moved to Stage 13,and Skip the dialouge.
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