"Hat Man" is a secret boss in Despairing Souls. He is found in a secret tunnel, which appears only if you complete the game. He wears a white hat which covers his face, and he wields an energy staff, which can later be obtained if you defeat him. He also wears a black cape which covers his body.


When you enter the room, "Hat Man" greets you with a grunt, then takes out his energy staff. He can thrust or swipe the staff, both which do 100- 400 damage. He can fire energy balls that track you down out of the staff, and leap to the other side of the room. As a special attack, he can throw the staff as a boomerang while it fires energy balls. He has 6000 HP, and his theme is Lone Challenger.

Second FormEdit

When Hat Man's health is decreased, he throws off his cape and pulls up his hat, revealing a gnarled, skeletal body and face. He has all of the attacks from the previous battle, only he is now faster. He rarely uses his staff, and he can grab you by the neck. He can also shoot lasers, kick down while jumping, slide, and pulls things out of his hat. Sometimes, he can pull bombs out of the hat, causing fire waves to erupt from the bomb when it explodes. Other times, glaciers will be pulled from the hat, freezing the floor. He has 9999 HP, and drops the Energy Staff and Magic Hat when killed.

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