Graham Jones
New Graham
Role Main Antagonist
Age Unknown
First Appearance Aria of Sorrow Remade
Weapon(s) of Choice Castle's power, dagger
Special Abilities Magic
Theme Music Battle for the Throne

Graham Jones was the main villain in both Aria of Sorrow and Aria of Sorrow Remade. He is the tenth boss, and believes he is the reincarnation of Dracula. He is exclusive to Soma Mode.


Graham will teleport around the room, and has three attacks. His first is a triple fireball, then there is a double meteor attack that is slower, and finally, 5 meteors at once. Later, he can shoot five normal fireballs, three meteors instead of 2, and 7 meteors at once instead of 5 at once. He has 1500 HP in this phase.

Second PhaseEdit

Graham will remain stationary most of the time. Blocking Soma's path are crystals which sprout randomly around the room and petrify. Graham will shoot 3 meteors that slowly twirl around. When Graham is damaged three times, he will teleport. He repeats this until defeated. He has 500 HP in this phase, meaning 2000 HP for the first form.

Second FormEdit

Graham will transform into a massive demon. Graham will float around, usually slowly, but he may charge toward Soma. He has a few attacks: an attack where he swipes at the player with his claws, a rotating beam, and an attack where he sprays cursed blood around the arena. He has 3000 HP in this form, meaning he has 5000 HP in all.

Skull HaloEdit

During Graham's second form, a halo made of skulls will hover above Soma, stopping to create a blue beam. It has 4000 HP.

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