The Giant Bat is the second boss in Rusalka's Revenge.


The Giant Bat can shoot fireballs at you and can shoot a laser and sweep it across the entire stadium. The fire balls home in and can be destroyed, while the laser you must jump over both the bat and the laser. When it reaches half health, it shoots five fire balls, can summon smaller bats, and teleport when you try to attack it. It has 1200 HP.

End of DaysEdit

The Giant Bat reappears as the second boss in End of Days.


The Giant Bat flies around the room, shooting fireballs and diving at the player. Later, he can shoot a laser, summon smaller bats, and drill into the ground. He can split into a swarm of small bats, and only does this when his dive attack is perfect guarded. He can only be damaged in this form. He has 2100 HP, and his theme is Followers of Darkness -The Third-.

Aria of Sorrow RemadeEdit

The attacks, theme, and HP remain the same. The Giant Bat is the ninth boss in easy mode, and is exclusive to that mode. In the other modes, he still appears, but is crushed by Balore.