The Garibaldi Temple is the second level in Flames of Hell. The theme for the courtyard area is Garibaldi Courtyard, while the temple theme is Garibaldi Temple.


  • Lesser Demon
  • Axe Armor
  • Axe Knight
  • Knight
  • Nova Skeleton
  • White Dragon
  • Undead Baron
  • Undead Fencer


Requiem of AgonyEdit

The second level in Requiem of Agony. The theme is Garibaldi Courtyard.


Name HP Element
Bat 1 Darkness
Skeleton 18 Darkness
Skeleton Soldier 26 Darkness
Zombie 12 None
Dead Baron 34 Light
Fenrir 16 Fire
Axe Armor 20 None
Omega 3000 Darkness

Linked LevelsEdit