The Dread Lord of Bane is the final boss in Battle of Legends, a combination of all the villains. It appears to be a large being with three legs, clubs as hands, and Omega's eye on top.


The Lord of Bane main attacks consist of fire breath that curses you, punching you, or creating a giant squall wave. Other than that, it has an attack from all of the villains. It has Chaos's white crystal summon, Dracula's axe attack, Omega's laser orb, Vadriel's laser attack, Blackmore's shadow arm attack, Death's mini-scythe attack, the Devil's purple orb attack, Galamoth's MP draining lightning, and the Demon Lord's mega fire ball attack. It can also summon a single meteor, and finally, can use the Demonic Meggido attack. It has 9999 HP. When defeated, it burns up in a fiery inferno of hell, and explodes. His theme is Proof of Blood.

Requiem of AgonyEdit

The Lord of Bane is the fourteenth boss. He looks nothing like his previous form, and instead looks like a mix of Omega, Vadriel, and Mortus.


The Dread Lord has a giant soul sword attack, a dash attack, magic rain, and a claw attack. It also has Omega, Vadriel, and Mortus' signature moves: Omega's claws of fury attack, Vadriel's Death explosion attack (Vadriel's scythe is Death), and Mortus' gauntlet smash. He has 12000 HP, and his theme is Crucial Moment.


  • "How do you like us NOW, Belmont?"
  • "Hehehehe, of course. And now, TIME TO DIE!"
  • AFTER BEING DEFEATED: "NOOO! How can this be?!?"
  • "This is not over, Belmont. I, Omega, shall have revenge!"
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