The Doppelganger is the sixth boss in Rebirth of Evil.


The Doppelganger takes the form of Julius, as he is the main character. It will use the current weapon and sub-weapon he has equipped, and will change the weapon whenever he changes it. This makes him extremely hard to beat, as he has more health than Julius, and is, in fact, invincible, as he constantly uses Super Potions. However, he can be defeated, because whenever he is drinking the potion he is immobile. The player must knock him below the chandelier on the ceiling, and use the lever near a statue. He drops the Doppleganger relic, which allows double subweapons. He has 3000 HP, but is invincible anyway. He drops the Violet Orb. His theme is Legendary Belmondo.

In Rulsalka's RevengeEdit

The Doppelganger is the sixth boss. Despite Shanoa as the main character, an unamed Belmont is fought. He mainly uses the whip, and all of the subweapons in the original Castlevania. He can also throw bones like a skeleton, indicating he might be undead. He has 4000 HP.

Circle of BloodEdit

The Doppelganger is the sixth boss. He has a whip attack, all of the sub-weapons, a flame blast, energy kick, and a purple cross ground flame. When he uses hearts, he uses the player's heart meter. He has 6000 HP, and his theme is Creatures in the Depth.

Second BattleEdit

The Doppelganger reappears, now much more agile and demented (with black skin). He hops around with demon claws to swipe at the player, and has dark, mutated versions of the sub-weapons. His whip is now a bladed chain, and deals dark and fire damage. The Doppelganger can only be damaged when all of the statues around the room are hit, lighting them on fire, which causes the Doppelganger's shape to be temporarily distorted. When his shape is distorted, that is the time to attack him. He has 7000 HP, and his theme is the same.


The final boss, the Dopelganger takes the form of the legendary hero Jason Steele. He has all of Jason's attacks, (meteors, flame, Destruction Rain, Vol Ignis, and sword slash) and he can backdash. When his health is lowered, he gets a howl attack, poision gem attack, upgraded Vol Ignis attack and Crimson Arm attack. He has 7000 HP. The ending shows Jason happily with his wife on a campfire. At the end, a familiar laugh is heard...

Melody of DarknessEdit

The Doppelganger is the sixth boss, and has all of his attacks from Circle of Blood. He has 6000 HP, and his theme is the same.

Oracle of ResolutionEdit

First BattleEdit

I doesn't Appear on Person There can be Serenity,Maria,Alucard and A Richter Doppelganger as if you play them.It has 700 HP,and the theme of Doppelganger is Bloody Tears.

Second BattleEdit

Doppelganger Reappears.and Does not Appear in Person.It is a Has 7000 HP and The theme is the same.

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