Doom is one of Vadriel and Omega's minions. Unlike their other minions, who are pure demons, Doom is part demon, part robot. He has no emotions, and will simply kill anything in his way other than his allies. He has no memories of his past, and will do anything for Vadriel or Omega. He wears armor over his robotic attachments.


Doom has two forms, and is the seventh boss. In his armor form, he can throw an axe boomerang, charge at the player, and do a dive attack that creates a shockwave. Later, he can release 4 consecutive poisonous rockets. After his first defeat, his armor explodes, and he regains 1 half of his initial health. During this form, he can do a flame charge, slash with his wings, and shoot triple fireballs. He can also fly. His theme is Followers of Darkness -The Second- and he has 3000 HP, meaning he has 4500 HP in all.

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