Darkness is a secret boss in Battle of Legends, appearing in the Tower of Despair. He is a black humanoid. Somehow, he got the Crimson Stone, and turned into a vampire.


The Darkness can shoot lasers from its chest. He can throw knifes, create a electric forcefield while staying in place, and summon dark pillars. He can also jump and shoot fireballs. His final attack is a dark version of the Demonic Meggido attack, which can be prevented with the Rosario or the Death Ring. He has 7000 HP.

Melody of DarknessEdit

Darkness is the fifth boss in Melody of Darkness' Tower of Despair.


Darkness, now a vampire, can grow shadow wings and perform a life steal attack. He can also throw bloody daggers, shoot purple beams, and shoot fireballs. He can also shoot spheres against the ground, creating mini-Demonic Megiddos. He has 6000 HP.


  • It is presumed that The Darkness is the first form of the Dread Lord of Bane's recarnation, Giga Nightmare.
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