Dark Lord is a status whereas someone is the "king of the castle." Originally belonging to Galamoth, Galamoth was sealed in the netherworld. When Mathias Cronqvist stole the Crimson Stone, he not only became the Dark Lord, but a Vampire as well. Dracula was vanqushied multiple times, yet he still was the Dark Lord. Very few times someone else was a Dark Lord other than Dracula. Therefore, Dracula was worshipped and feared by many.

Known Dark LordsEdit

  • Galamoth-since the beginning of time until 726. Later took the throne again sometime near the year 10,000.
  • Dracula-726 to mid-1700s.
  • Olrox-Mid-1700s until 2047: killed by Death.
  • Alucard-2047 to 3056.
  • Soma Cruz-Dracula's new vessel: 3056 to present.
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