Chaos is the eleventh boss in Battle of Legends.


Chaos has four arms, and with his upper arms he wields a chaos orb. He can throw the orb into the air and throw rapid punches, or use his orb power. Orange will try to target the player to drop a boulder on them, red will split into three green crystals to attack the player, and blue will summon two curse statues to charge at the player. He has 3000 HP.

Second FormEdit

Chaos is a black blob. He can track the player and summon black spikes, summon white lightning, and release floating skeledragons into the air. He can transform into a black skeleton, with which he can focus his attacks better. He is only vulnerable during this time, but he constantly summons white crystals to attack the player in this form. He has 6000 HP.

Circle of BloodEdit

Everything remains the same as his first form from Battle of Legends. He has 3000 HP, and his theme is Poison Mind.

Second FormEdit

Chaos' second form is a combination of Dracula's forms and Death, so he has all of their attacks. He can also extend his massive arm to try to grab the player and kill them. He can also summon enemies, and spit out poison blood. He has 6000 HP, and his theme is Crucial Moment.

Aria of Sorrow RemadeEdit

Everything remains the same as Battle of Legends for both forms. Chaos is the final boss of Soma mode.

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