Castlevania pc trailer

Castlevania pc trailer

Castlevania pc short no gameplay trailer

Castlevania pc logo

Castlevania pcEdit

Castlevania pc will be a game which is still in development.

If you want to imagine what it will be like imagine curse of darkness,all of the dracula x games and castlevania 3 and 4 mixed.


Belmont: vampire killer+ Items found

Alucard: Alucard sword+ Items found


Alucard: 1st playable character in the game

Belmont: 2nd playable character in the game.

He is also a boss.

Angel: angel who seeks immortal life... Final boss

Dracula: Resurrected after soma cruz's death. Also final boss

Death: one who keeps the need for Dracula to be in the world (reincarnated or not) which resurrected Dracula.

Belmonts stone: The belmont family's stone which holds all of the belmont's souls.

Soma cruz: Dracula's reincarnation

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