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Castlevania: Veil of Agony (悪魔城ドラキュラ不幸の白鳥の歌, Akumajō Dracula: Fukō no Hakuchō no Uta; lit.  “Demon Castle Dracula: Swan Song of Misery”) is a Castlevania title released for the Nintendo Switch platform. It was released on November 30, 2020 in Japan and on December 5, 2020 in the US.

Story Edit

Setting and Prologue Edit

Veil of Agony takes place in the year 1826, after Symphony of the Night and its radio drama sequel, Nocturne of Recollection. It also is almost in concurrence to Order of Ecclesia, having also taken place in the early 1800s.


The town of Tethra currently suffers from the plague of the Sange Disease, which causes death by rapid blood loss. After death, the afflicted victims turn into terrible mindless creatures—the Gurasange, who currently roam around the town, as well as nearby places outside.

With the town panicking from the horrid acts of the Gurasange, many survivors had gone far outside to find a possible cure for the disease, wanting to put a stop to this madness. The survivors consist of several commoner families, few survivors from the noble houses of Marquis and Lidell, the chief Margus Meladia, and a group of youthful novice alchemists, called the Fomhoraigh.

The Fomhoraigh journey throughout the outside world, determined to find a cure for the deadly disease, as well as to find loved ones who have gone missing for far too long. However, things go wrong as they see a familiar young man running away from them. Curious as to why, they followed, thinking that it was their missing companion, but then they were knocked unconscious.

Waking up, Lavinia Leonard sees herself in an unknown location, without her friends in sight. With that, she must set out to find them, as well as the answer to a lot of the questions in her mind…

Characters Edit

Playable Characters Edit

LAVINIA LEONARD The only survivor of a commoner family, she is part of the Fomhoraigh. Heavily grieving over the loss of her family, she is desperate in finding a cure for the Sange Disease.
ROWEN EGILHARD One of Lavinia’s friends and a member of the Fomhoraigh. A young man from Tethra’s middle nobility. Despite the circumstances, he still tries to be positive, and is the bundle of sunshine in the group.
ARTHUR LIDELL The elder of the Lidell siblings in the Fomhoraigh. One of Alexis Lidell’s sons. A level-headed and rational man, he is the most logical of the group, but at times he can be a spoilsport.
LOSARIA LIDELL The younger of the Lidell siblings in the Fomhoraigh. Alexis Lidell’s only daughter. Being the youngest of the group, she’s the most innocent, yet it also leads to her being quite insensitive.
SORAN MARQUIS The eldest son of Cyril Marquis. The most experienced of the Fomhoraigh alchemists. Along with Arthur, he acts like the father/mentor figure of the group.
JAKOB MARQUIS One of the members of the Fomhoraigh; one of the sons of Cyril Marquis, and lover of Lavinia. He had gone missing along with his father due to the search for the Sange Disease’s cure. (Alternative Mode)
CYRIL MARQUIS The head of House Marquis, who was forced to go to the outskirts of Tethra and find a cure for the Sange Disease. While having matured due to age, his ambitious self had come back, especially after the death of his close friend Alexis. (Alternative Mode)

Supporting Characters Edit

ALEXIS LIDELL The head of House Lidell. Unfortunately, he has fallen to the plague, becoming one of the mindless Gurasange.
MIRIAM LIDELL-MARQUIS Alexis’s younger sister, Cyril’s wife, and the mother of Soran and Jakob. Currently looks after the other townsfolk, providing aid to them, and the chief Margus.
MARGUS MELADIA The head of House Meladia, and the current chief of the town.
DIORA BELMONT The daughter of Richter and Annette Belmont. However, the Vampire Killer whip is not in her hands, due to reasons that she can’t disclose. Despite this, she has gotten involved in the Sange conflict, and aids the Fomhoraigh youths in her own way.
MICHEL BELMONT The son of Richter and Annette Belmont, as well as Diora’s twin brother. Having been missing, his twin has travelled far to find him.

Antagonists Edit

MAGNUS (Work in progress.)
STHENO AND EURYALE (Work in progress.)
OLROX (Work in progress.)

Gameplay Edit

The new system is used in the game to create new items, called as Chemicals, through many materials and ingredients scattered in dungeons, or another item created from a previous Alchemy process to create a new substance.
  • The chemicals that can be made through Alchemy depend on the character’s Alchemist Level, which are ranked from A to Z.
  • The chemicals that can be made through Alchemy vary from healing items, damaging potions, etc. Certain characters also have limitations on what they can create.
    • Lavinia (as well as Jakob in Alternative Mode) is the “jack of all trades, master of none” character, aka the Versatile type, who can create any, but not every chemical. All types are available to them, but there are also a lot of items that they cannot create.
    • Rowen focuses on the Heal type of chemicals, which are items used for restoring the party’s HP and MP.
    • Arthur focuses on the Enhance type of chemicals, which are items used for increasing stats for either a temporary or permanent amount of time (depending on item).
    • Losaria focuses on the Damage type of chemicals, which are items used for dealing extra damage to enemies.
    • Soran (as well as Cyril in Alternative Mode) focuses on the Merge type of chemicals, which are items mixed from already existing Alchemy items, with a variety of effects.
  • A maximum of 12 slots are available for equipping chemicals, with a maximum of 99 uses per chemical. At the start of the game, the slots are set to 3.
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