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*Dracula(Final Boss)
*Dracula(Final Boss)
*Time Reaper (True Final Boss)

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Castlevania Sega Saturn 1

The 12th boss,Serenity Granted

Castlevania:Oracle of Resolution's Platforms are unknown.This is a Playstation Game.The prologue is Symphony of the night.

Playable CharactersEdit


Prologue(Symphony of the night):Edit

  • Shaft
  • Dracula


  • Death(1st)
  • Succubus(2nd)
  • Medusa(3rd)
  • Hippogryph(4th)
  • Slogra and Gaibon(5th)
  • Doppleganger50(6th)
  • Possesed Nixie Hender(7th)
  • Soma Cruz(8th)
  • Skylight(9th)
  • Chaos(10th)
  • Possesed Richter Belmont(11th)
  • Serenity Granted(12th)
  • Shaft(13th)
  • Dracula(Final Boss)
  • Time Reaper (True Final Boss)


The Prolouge is Dracula and Alucard From Symphony of the Night.You can play as Alucard in the Prolouge.


You can play as Richter,Serenity,Maria or Alucard After the Prolouge and the Story Novel.After the Game,The End Credits.The Game is Also Dubbed.



  • Resolution
  • Invitation of a crazed moon
  • Dance of illusions
  • Prolouge
  • Mad Forest
  • Colors
  • A Notice
  • Vampire Killer(Techno-Goth)


Castlevania Symphony of the Night Teaser Trailer (PSX), long version

Castlevania Symphony of the Night Teaser Trailer (PSX), long version

Castlevania:Oracle of Resolution Trailer

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