• DebussyLune


    December 25, 2019 by DebussyLune

    Hello, I'm DebussyLune, and I'll write a little about my fan fictions.


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  • Ericard

    For those who wish to create any new castlevania game based on your ideas, try to learn basic program on your on. Fan game is legal without making any profit, if you wish to share your games, you are free to post here.

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  • West Belmont

    hello guys im west belmont just kidding my real name is alucard jones i changed my name to that because im such a fan of alucard(not leagaly but when im 20 im going to change it to that) but my REAL REAL REAL by birth name is west jones anywho i have sevaral charicters that a made up and games as well and even a story line that a made up at reces but i dont have recess anymore thanks

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  • Shadowmaster

    Special Edition

    September 9, 2010 by Shadowmaster

    A new game is in production: Castlevania: Special Edition. The game is set in 2054 or something, and there are going to be 13 areas, possibly more as the planning advances. The main antagonist for the majority of the game is Death, and Mason Baldwin is also a major antagonist.

    A note: Vadriel will not be a boss in the game. Omega is enough.

    I will release a preview of level 1 soon. However, here are the plans for the first three levels and their bosses:

    1. Entrance
    • Boss: Giant Bat
    1. Great Stairway
    • Boss: Giant Eyeball
    1. Garden
    • Boss: Skull Knight

    I will keep you all informed on the game.

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  • Shadowmaster


    July 25, 2010 by Shadowmaster

    A few hours ago on Animal Planet, they hosted the 1-hour Dogs vs Cats thingy. And guess what? Dogs won. This truly outrages me. Why?

    Normally, I would only be extremely angry. This is murderous rage. On the 7th round, Beauty, it was a "tie" on the "aww-ometer". Of course, it was a tie. So they could let dogs win.

    They had an 8th round, ugliness, which, of course, only dogs could win. But guess what: the ugly one, the dog, won, of course, and they gave dogs a point!! THEY SHOULD'VE TAKEN AWAY A POINT!! GRAHH!!

    Until now, only awesome people have cheated. Truly an outrage.


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  • Shadowmaster

    Vadriel in 2D

    June 1, 2010 by Shadowmaster

    Good news. Vadriel, that one...guy, will be in an upcoming fan game. I can't tell what the name of the game is, however. He is a secret boss, but not the final boss or the main villain. I intend for him to be the hardest boss, but it depends if the creator makes him hard or not (I'm providing sprites, depends if Vadriel's fast enough to be considered hard). I'm not sure whether he will actually be called Vadriel at all, but he is going to be awesome.

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