Behemoth is the seventh boss Abel Belmont encounters.


First, Behemoth chases Abel. He only does that, and cannot be defeated. He has no attacks, but getting caught will damage the player. The chase theme is The Looming Threat.


Behemoth can charge at the player, and spit green orbs that bounce around the room. He can jump as well, and vomit on the player, poisoning them. After being damaged enough, he can shoot a laser beam from his mouth. He has 3200 HP, and his theme is Followers of Darkness ~The Third~.

In BrotherhoodEdit

Now the second major boss, The Behemoth will chase you throughout the stage. When you outrun it, the battle begins. The Behemoth simply charges around the room and summons Zombies and Leaf Creatures. It resembles a scratched up half of a giant warthog, unlike it's counterpart. It has 800 HP.

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