Olrox entered the room and sat in a chair. 7 other chairs were in the room, occupied by Death, Dracula, Galamoth, Blackmore, the Devil, a Demon Lord, and Chaos, the greatest evils of all. Death spoke.

"For hundreds, or even thousands of years, the Belmont clan has destroyed the Dark Lord, no matter who it was, or is," he said. "But some...such as Julius or Trevor, have had allies. While, some of us are very different, some of us are even enemies," Death gazed at Galamoth for a second, "We all live for one purpose - to wreak havoc upon the universe. But the Belmont clan has been there to defeat us. But...if we were to unite, think of the evil, the destruction we could cause."

"Why would I ally with my arch-nemesis?" said Galamoth.

"Silence! Surely, I am the greatest Dark Lord. I am pure, elegant, unlike these other Dark Lords of scum," said Olrox.

"You are all fools! The Devil is the pure representation of evil. I should be the Dark Lord, and I should not be forced to ally with these idiots!" said the Devil.

"Enough of this! I pledge my allegiance to Lord Dracula," said Blackmore.

"And why should I care? Any of you who have spoken are all dim-witted fools, excluding Death. He is right. Apart, we have failed. But united, we shall ravage the world!" said the Demon Lord.

Dracula spoke. "Then we unite our armies. We strike in the year 3800, when the Belmont clan is dwindling. This is it...a second Demon Castle War."

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