The Bane Plate is an armor in Battle of Legends, gained after completing the game on crazy mode. It grants +100 attack, +200 defense, +100 intelligence, and +100 luck, as well as resistance toward all attributes and immunity toward status ailments. It also grants infinite MP and heals the player by 20 HP every time they attack. It has a slight chance of unleashing the "Demonic Megiddo" attack, which kills everything onscreen and prevents anything more from spawning in that current room (does not work on Vadriel). It has an even smaller chance of unlocking the Bloody Skull, which can access the Tower of Despair, a 50-floor tower. Lastly, it has a very, very, very rare chance of unlocking Vadriel Mode, which allows the player to play as Vadriel, with an extremely powerful set of moves.