Alucard is the second son of Dracula. Unlike his father, however, he is good.

Battle with Possessed JackEdit

Alucard, desperate to save Jack Henry Dappen from Shaft's evil control, got some friends and went out. Jack was a tough match, but Alucard snapped him out. Before that, Jack has injured him with his whip twice, and cut him with a cross, but Alucard defeated him with The Holy Sword. He then set off the castle, and destroyed it. Spitting on the ground, the vowed to avenge his mother's death more.


In 2070, Alucard disappeared. Julius' ancestor later discovered that he had been captured, and corrupted by a dark force, later revealed to be Dracula's Heart, which had been combined with the complete essence of Dracula. Thus, he fought the Belmont, but was defeated and was freed.


Alucard is the sixth boss, and drops Dracula's Heart. He will run around the room, occasionally charging at the player. His main attack is his sword, but he can also shoot triple flames, summon spirits, and shoot large purple flames. Later, he can grow wings and perform a smaller cone shaped Demonic Megiddo. His theme is Crucifix Held Close, and he has 2000 HP.

Second PhaseEdit

Alucard will turn into his demon form. In this form, he can teleport around the room, shooting blue flame darts at the player. When he comes into close range, he will swing his demonic sword. He can summon tiny meteors that track the player but can be destroyed, and he can also summon demon skulls out of glyphs. His theme is Castlevania Reincarnation, and he has 4000 HP, equaling 6000 HP in all.


Alucard is now the seventh boss, boss of the Castle Entrance. He is under Dracula's control, and holds the Yellow Orb, one of the five keys to the Vampire Killer's true power. He has four default attacks. He can perform a combo with his sword, summon his Sword Familiar, summon spirits to attack Julius, and summon a dark symbol on the ground, which shoots spikes. When his health is reduced by half, he will begin to use subweapons (axe, knife, cross, and holy water) and can use a small Demonic Megiddo. He has 3500 HP, and his theme is Castlevania Reincarnation. After his defeat, he is released from Dracula's control and drops the Yellow Orb.

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