The Alchemy Lab is the fifth area Abel enters. The theme is Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab.


  • Electric Skeleton
  • Blood Skeleton
  • Cyclops
  • Wizard
  • Nova Skeleton
  • Skeleton Bomber


End of DaysEdit

The Alchemy Lab reappears as the third area in End of Days. The theme remains the same.


  • Blood Skeleton
  • Skeleton
  • Golem
  • Frost Zombie
  • Flame Zombie
  • Warg



The Alchemy Lab is now the eighth level in Resurrection, and the third Castle level. The theme is Tower of Dolls.


Name HP Element
Bat 10 Darkness
Fire Zombie 160 Fire
Frost Zombie 140 Ice
Blood Skeleton 90 (Revives itself when killed) Darkness
Fake Simon 600 Holy
Sword Lizardman 420 None
Ogre 208 Fire
Flame Ogre 298 Fire
Dullahan 666 Holy
Flame Armor 342 Darkness
Ice Armor 500 Earth
Reaper 444 Darkness
Beserker Armor 960 Fire
Merman 56 Fire
Fishman 450 Ice
Slime Skeleton 500 Darkness
Great Armor 250 None
Cyclops 3815 Darkness


  • HP Max Up
  • MP Max Up x3
  • Serpent Scale

Linked LevelsEdit